McDo McDelivery App Offers Discounts for Senior Citizens and PWD Customers

Apart from making it more convenient to enjoy McDo's many luscious offerings - including their fried chicken, which is my favorite, the thing I love most about the new McDelivery mobile application for Android and iOS is that offers discounts for Senior Citizens and PWD Customers.

This feature is particularly helpful for my family since both of my parents are now senior citizens. The discount is not much but we appreciate receiving it on every McDo order made via this easy-to-use app.

McDo McDelivery App

Actually, the Philippines has Republic Acts 9994 and 10754 that ensure privileges and discounts accorded to Senior Citizens and PWD customers, respectively. However, as of writing, very few companies are offering this when purchases are made through their mobile apps for consumers.

I really have to hand it to McDo Philippines for being one of the first fast-food chains and restaurants to include such discounts on their application. For me, this shows that McDo actually cares deeply for its consumers, especially the elderly and the differently-abled.

I wish that more companies would follow suit, especially now when the use of mobile applications for buying food and making online purchases has become more popular than ever due to the pandemic and the different quarantine levels to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection.

McDo McDelivery App Senior and PWD Discount

To enjoy Senior Citizen and PWD customer discount on the McDelivery app, simply tap on "Apply SC/PWD discount" option in your Cart before placing the order or checking out.

On the next screen, tap "Add Senior Citizen/PWD ID" button.

After that, just type in the Senior Citizen or PWD ID details as shown in the image below.

Then, just click the button at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the next page where you can check if all the details you provided are correct. If everything looks good, just tap on the button at the bottom of the display again to proceed to checkout.

You or your loved one may have to wait for a few moments for the VAT and the SC/PWD discount to be reflected on the application.

In the meantime, make sure that you have filled out all the other items in the Checkout section, including your payment method. Otherwise, the Place Order button will remain unclickable. 

After providing all the necessary details, just click on the Place Order button and just wait for your delicious McDo food and treats to arrive! So easy!

Again, I just want to say "Great Job!" to McDo Philippines for being one of the first to offer this discount to our beloved Senior Citizens and PWDs through a consumer mobile app. This post is not sponsored at all -- but I just thought of making this article as a gesture of gratitude and appreciation as well as to inspire other companies to do the same. Cheers!

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