How To Make A Mobile Video Game From Scratch?

Today, many people are playing games of all kinds. While playing a game, one might be stuck with a brilliant idea of a new game and leave them wondering and daydreaming if only they could make a game by themselves for the world to play. 

For developing a video game, especially if you don’t know how to make it, the driving force that is required is the interest of the person. If you are a beginner interested in developing a video game, run through the following steps to get your basics clear.

1. Brainstorm for the concept of the game

The first and foremost thing that you need to decide even before you begin to develop a video game, is the concept of the game. Having clarity about the concept will give you a clear roadmap of the steps that you need to take to develop the game. Think about the genre of the video game that you are interested in and explore its sub-genres. You can create an excel sheet for the same and then convert the Excel to PDF for easy accessibility. You can read books and explore different blogs to make your gaming concept clear. 

2. Research

If you are a newbie, extensive research will be required for gathering information about the video game that you are building. You will need information about how the game mechanics will come into play, how to build the story and market your game. In addition to that, you will also have to figure out the programming language that is required to build the game and the time required to learn the programming language. 

3. Create a design document

After deciding the concept of the game and researching the same, you need to put your thoughts in a document. You can design the document directly on your computer or use a notebook and click pictures and convert the JPG to PDF for adding new information easily. The design document should generally contain the outline of the game and also, you can list down other things in it like the skills that you already have, the skills that you need to learn, the programming language that you need to learn and so on and so forth. 

4. Learn the programming language

If you do not know any programming language and you have figured out the programming language that you will be used to develop the game, it’s time for you to learn the same. There are many free and paid courses available online that you can use to learn a programming language Also, decide whether you will need any particular software to design the game and install the same and then, start creating the game. 

5. Test your game

Seldom, the first prototype of the game is the best version of the game. To refine your game further, it is important to test your game. You can test the game yourself or ask your friends to do the same. By testing the game, you will be able to find bugs in the game and crashes if any. After identifying the problem in the first prototype, you need to work on refining the game further to make it market-ready. Testing the game is of utmost importance to improve the gaming experience of the players. 

6. Market the game

Once you are satisfied with the game that you have developed and you think it is ready to be in the gaming market, you need to market the game on the relevant platforms. In the beginning, you can distribute the game amongst your friends and word of mouth will play a crucial role in increasing the popularity of the game. After seeing the response of the game amongst your known circle, you can invest some money in the actual marketing of the game. 

No matter how perfect you develop a game, fine-tuning will be required at different stages. You can keep working on the game for introducing new levels to it and for making it more fun. Taking feedback on the game that you have developed is important for making it better. Always stay open to criticism and take it in a constructive manner to see real improvement in your game as a game developer. 

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