HP Rover Mobile Service Center on Wheels Rolls Out in The Philippines

Do you need help with your HP laptops and printers but you have no time to bring them to a service center? No need to worry! HP Philippines recently launched the 1st Mobile Service Center in the country called the HP Rover.

The friendly, neighborhood HP Rover has everything home users need from an authorized HP Service Center. It has well-trained HP personnel who know how to correctly diagnose and repair your HP notebook PCs and printers. Customers are also assured that their devices will be repaired correctly, using only HP-certified parts.

HP Rover Mobile Service Center on Wheels
Service on Tap. Today’s work-from-anywhere lifestyle would not be complete without an HP Rover where you work or live. You can check its route schedule on Facebook.

HP Leads The Work-From-Anywhere Revolution

Workers and employers have now fully embraced the work-from-anywhere revolution. Notwithstanding its multiple benefits and advantages, the lifestyle does have its downsides that few are talking about. One of them is the home-based worker’s increased need for device repairs and maintenance servicing. This means more frequent visits to service centers, which for many would require a long drive or commute.

With the pandemic still upon us, a lot of people are still opting to stay home as much as possible to avoid risking exposure to the COVID virus. To help its customers avoid the hassle and risk, HP deployed the HP Rover on a pilot run, announcing its initial availability via its Facebook page.

HP Rover Mobile Service Center on Wheels
The HP Rover Mobile Service Center. The Philippines’ first device diagnostics and repair center on wheels now serving HP users in Metro Manila.

HP Philippines Covers Ground To Assist Customers

Just like going to its main service centers, HP Philippines advises customers who are planning to have their units repaired via the HP Rover to back up their data prior to the visit. This includes hard drives, ROM chips, flashcards, and the like. It is always possible that users will not have the opportunity to retrieve their data once the repair is complete.

Initially available at Wilcon City Center, in Quezon City during its pilot run, HP Philippines plans to soon dispatch more HP Rovers around Metro Manila and nearby provinces to serve more HP customers.

To get in touch with the HP Rover and check its latest route, visit the HP Service Center FB Page at facebook.com/hpservicecenterphilippines.

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