Ten Things You Didn't Know About Games of Chance

A quarter of the world's population participates in games of chance. There will be $516 billion in gambling revenue in 2021, up from around $300 billion in 2011. By the year 2025, the market is estimated to be $670 billion in size. Casino online Philippines has gained a lot of popularity and is now available to other players who want to play baccarat online along with other casino games. As a result, these games are proving to be the best choice for Filipino players seeking fair gaming and the best odds.

To profit from casino gaming, you need to know the facts about casino games. Therefore, in this article, our author and casino expert, Demetris Jast, has compiled a list of the top 10 most intriguing things you didn’t know about casino games.

1. The Great Wall of China was built with the help of the first games of chance. 

Evidence of gambling goes as far back as 2300 B.C. It has been found in China. The game of choice was dubbed "drawing of wood," and all of the proceeds went toward construction.

2. Many six-figure prizes have been drawn from online slot jackpots.

The current record is 17,861,800 euros, which was set in 2013 and is rather amazing. It was won by a Finn who was playing Mega Fortune and was given euros as payment for his winnings.

3. Whether you're playing online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, you can restrict yourself from participating. 

Your "sentence" can be as long as you want it to be, up to and including a lifelong ban. In this instance, simply entering a casino will be viewed as a prohibited act. Addiction recovery programs often include a technique known as "self-exclusion."

4. The roulette wheel's digits add up to 666. 

When all the numbers on the wheel are added up, you get 666 at every casino with a roulette table. This is the biblical "Number of the Beast."

5. Slot machines have been around since the 1890s -- but the first online casino didn't appear until well over a century later. Microgaming, the first online casino, was created in 1994.

6. A mere $5,000 remained in the FedEx bank account when Fredrick Smith founded the delivery service in 1973. 

He owed about $24,000.00 to his gas company. He flew to Las Vegas with the entire company's funds and vowed to turn around the industry's fortunes at the blackjack tables.

7. New format 2022. 

You may want to take the casino online test before you make your first bet in a real casino. The quiz takes just a few minutes and you’ll be given not only the results but also useful gambling tips that will help you have more fun and enjoy yourself even more. Quizzes about online casinos are rapidly gaining popularity, although they are a completely new approach.

8. You Can Make a lot of Money Playing Games with a Low House Advantage

The casino's profit margin over you is referred to as the "house edge." Understanding the house edge is crucial to getting the best odds in the casino. Low-house-edge games such as blackjack can help you get an edge over the casino. When you've made enough, it's best to leave. If you don't, you could lose all of your money.

9. The Casinos Don't Mind You Winning

When you're winning, some people believe that the casino or its employees are keeping tabs on you. There is nothing more incorrect than this statement. The casino management is well versed in the mathematics of these games. They understand that if the chances are in their favor, they will profit in the long run.

They also know that if no one ever won, there would never be any games. Moreover, they would go out of business if no one came to play.

10. Some of the Best and Worst Odds in the Casino Can Be Found in Craps

When it comes to Craps, it's peculiar because not all of the bets are offered at the same odds. Some craps bets have a very low house advantage, while others have a very high house advantage. Knowing the difference can have an impact on your craps table experience.

Lucky for you, the best odds come with the easiest bets to understand. Pass and don't pass bets have a house advantage of less than 2%. It's even better if you bet the odds, which is one of the only bets in the casino that has no house edge.


In more ways than one, casino games are a fascinating topic. In this post, we've only scratched the surface; there's much more to learn! You may look for more facts like these online.

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