How To Withdraw Money on GCash from Western Union, Step by Step Cash-In Guide

Do you have loved ones or clients abroad who regularly send you money via Western Union and you're now becoming tired of always going to a physical Western Union branch just to withdraw the cash?

Did you know that you can also cash in any Western Union remittance via GCash, which is easier and more convenient especially if you often use GCash to pay for products and services?

Here's how you do it:

1. Open GCash mobile application on your Android smartphone or Apple iPhone.

2. Log in to your GCash account.

Withdraw GCash Western Union

3. On the homescreen, tap on "Cash in" button as shown in the image above.

Withdraw GCash Western Union

3. Under Cash In, scroll down and tap on Western Union icon under Global Partners and Remittance.

4. In the space provided, simply type the peso amount that was sent to you via Western Union. If it's in foreign currency, convert it to Philippine Peso first. The amount that you will put in doesn't have to be exact figure but it has to be close to it.

Withdraw GCash Western Union

5. Next, type in the specific Western Union MCTN or Money Transfer Control Number for the remittance.

6. On the same page, choose your country of birth from the list provided.

7. Double-check the details you provided and if everything looks good, tap on "Next" button.

Withdraw GCash Western Union

6. On the confirmation page, check again if all the details are accurate. Then, click "Confirm".

Withdraw GCash Western Union

7. If the withdrawal or the cash-in is successful, you will get this message:

"Western Union to GCash Cash-in Successful! Your cash-in transaction was successfully completed. You will receive an SMS to confirm your transaction."

Withdraw GCash Western Union

The text message confirmation looks like the one shown in the image above. As you can see, I recently used this method to collect my Google Adsense Western Union payment, which will only available until August 31, 2022.

There you have it! So easy, right? Let me know if you have any questions by messaging me on social media or by leaving a comment below. Cheers!

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