Samsung Galaxy Auto Blocker Security Setting, Announced! Will Your Galaxy Phone Get It?

On October 31, 2023, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. officially unveiled Auto Blocker, a novel security tool tailored for Samsung Galaxy smartphone users, aimed at ensuring the safeguarding of their devices according to their preferences and lifestyle.

Empowering User Choice

Recently launched as a component of One UI 6, Auto Blocker is part of Samsung Galaxy's expanding array of security and privacy advancements. It offers users the ability to opt-in to a supplementary set of security features, providing them with greater control and personalization within the open Samsung Galaxy ecosystem.

User-Centric Security

Dr. Seungwon Shin, EVP & Head of Security Team, Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, emphasized the importance of user choice. Samsung's goal is to empower users to select security options aligned with their needs, ensuring a tailored mobile experience.

Samsung Galaxy Auto-Blocker Setting

Auto Blocker's key feature is its capability to prevent app installations from unverified sources (also known as "sideloading"). By default, this feature is inactive, preserving the freedom for users who intentionally sideload apps for customization and control. For those less inclined towards sideloading or extensive customization, enabling Auto Blocker adds an additional layer of security, mitigating the risk of social engineering attacks, such as voice phishing, which can lead to malicious software installations.

Enhanced Security Controls

Auto Blocker extends its protective capabilities with additional controls, including the activation of app security checks to identify potential malware and prevent harmful commands and software installations via USB cable. This feature provides peace of mind, particularly when the device is accessible by others, such as during phone charging at public locations.

An update to Message Guard is also included, which offers protection against Zero Click attacks involving direct image messages containing concealed malicious code. Originally designed for Google and Samsung messaging apps, it now extends its protection to popular third-party apps. This enhancement grants users more choices while ensuring their safety.

Advancing Security Standards

Samsung strives to set the foundation for a secure mobile experience within the Galaxy ecosystem. Auto Blocker builds upon this foundation by combining cutting-edge security standards with user choice. It places control of device security directly in the hands of the customer, enhancing the overall mobile experience.

Auto Blocker is currently available on Samsung Galaxy devices that support One UI 6, further optimizing security and privacy features for users across the Galaxy ecosystem.

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