How BETER Live is Optimizing for Audience Engagement in the Money Games Space

One of the primary ways BETER Live is shifting the paradigm in the realm of online casinos is through the introduction of localized tables as part of their broad repertoire. So localized tables by BETER are designed to cater specifically to the geo-cultural nuances of the audience, addressing their preferences, customs, and even their languages. Examples include Ukrainian Roulette, tweaked to cater to the gaming audience in Ukraine. This innovative approach often leads to higher user involvement, leading to an increase in bets per gamer, and subsequently, higher Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR) and turnover.


The Gravity of Symbolism in Games

BETER Live has stepped into the new era of gaming by launching the Gravity series, which comprises Gravity Sic Bo, Gravity Roulette, and Gravity Blackjack. These games give a taste of futuristic touch while rooting the gameplay in the traditional essence. Especially Gravity Sic Bo garners significant attention in the Asian market due to its widespread popularity in that region. This next-gen Gravity Sic Bo version was BETER Live's flagship game for their SIGMA Asia Exhibition in July, beckoning an enthusiastic audience.

The Asian Explorations

Asia, particularly Southeast Asia, is a fascinating market for online money games. In recognition of this, BETER Live's offerings are designed to resonate with the specific needs and tastes of these regions. They've curated a compelling range of games in the Chinese Game Collection and the Indian Game Collection. Baccarat, Non-Commission Baccarat, regular Sic Bo, Bet on Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, and Top Card are just some of the games tailored for these specific markets. This bespoke approach allows BETER Live to offer an intimate and culturally cognizant gaming experience to millions of potential gamers.

Dedicated and Thematic Tables: Unlocking Potential

Dedicated and thematic tables play a pivotal role in BETER Live's engagement strategy. Dedicated tables are exclusively branded for specific clients such as betting companies and money games offering an extra touch of exclusivity and enhancing user engagement. This personalization offers a sense of ownership and serves to boost user retention.

Thematic tables, on the other hand, are designed around popular themes that resonate with certain audiences. A great example of this is BETER Live's Cricket Duel - Top Card table for the Indian market. This cricket-themed table game engages players from a region where cricket is not just a sport, but a religion. The thematic approach gives a unique flavor to the standard games and appeals to users' interests beyond the gaming sphere, leading to significantly improved engagement and performance.


In the vastly competitive online money games industry, engagement optimization is paramount. BETER Live's strategy of creating localized, dedicated, and thematic tables alongside brand-focused games is a testament to their audience-first approach. Not only do these strategic moves enable BETER Live to offer an immersive and compelling gaming experience, but they also lead to tangible benefits for their clients – higher GGR, and an overall rise in turnover. It's clear that BETER Live is making significant strides in navigating the evolving landscape of online money gaming with their user-centric innovations.

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