Smart Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data Promo 99, 149, 299, 999, Launched! Covers 3G, 4G LTE, 4G+

On December 28, 2023, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart) unveiled its latest offering, the Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data, designed to provide prepaid subscribers with a seamless online connectivity experience.

Smart's enhanced Unli 5G options empower subscribers to benefit from Non-Stop Data's convenience and flexibility, even in areas without 5G coverage, making it the first and only offer of its kind in the current market.

Smart Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data

Lloyd R. Manaloto, FVP and Head of Prepaid and Content at Smart, described "Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data" as Smart's most robust data offer, providing users with an unstoppable experience for their online activities without the worry of data depletion.

With Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data, subscribers can effortlessly carry out daily online tasks, such as swift uploading and downloading of large files for work or school, instant web browsing for news and information, seamless streaming of the latest series and movies in 4K or Ultra-HD resolution, real-time content sharing on social media, and lag-free gaming on high-bandwidth games while on the move.

Subscribers can avail themselves of Smart Unli 5G + Non-Stop Data for as low as PHP 99 for 1 day, PHP 149 for 3 days, PHP 299 for 7 days, or PHP 999 for 30 days, providing excellent value for users. To subscribe, users can log in to the Smart App, dial *123# on their phones, or top up at accredited retailers, convenience stores, and Smart booths at airports nationwide.

The Non-Stop Data component of this promo covers legacy mobile broadband standards including 3G, HSDPA, HSPA+, 4G LTE, and 4G+.

For seamless enjoyment of Unli 5G, subscribers must possess a Smart 5G-certified device, a Smart 5G-ready SIM, and be within a Smart 5G-covered area.

Smart's commitment to advancing Filipino lives through cutting-edge mobile technology is evident in this groundbreaking offer, building on its legacy as a pioneer of 5G technology in the Philippines. Since introducing the country's first Unli 5G offers in 2021, Smart has continued to lead with innovative 5G services, such as Signature Plans+ and Rocket WiFi, the country's first and fastest 5G Pocket WiFi.

In addition to delivering innovative 5G services, Smart consistently meets customer needs by expanding its 5G network footprint and optimizing its 4G/LTE network nationwide. Recognized as the Philippines' Best Mobile Network for three consecutive reporting periods by the globally renowned network analytics firm Ookla in Q1-Q2 2022, Q3-Q4 2022, and most recently in Q1-Q2 2023, Smart's efforts continue to set industry benchmarks.

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