PLDT' 'Suportahan Ta Ka' Ad Returns with a Real-Life, Heartwarming Sequel

In the complex landscape of career choices for young adults today, the unwavering support of parents holds immeasurable value as their children embark on the journey of leading independent lives. PLDT, known for its emphasis on open and affectionate communication, revives the iconic tagline "Suportahan Ta Ka" from the 2000s TV ad in celebration of its 95th anniversary campaign.

Who can forget the memorable "Suportahan Ta Ka" TV ad by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi? In the original commercial, actor and model Christian Vasquez portrayed a young medical student seeking his father's approval to switch from medicine to Fine Arts. The father's response, "Kung saan ka masaya ti, suportahan ta ka [Whatever makes you happy, I'll support you]," resonated widely in the 2000s.

PLDT Kung Saan Ka Masaya Palangga Ta Ka

Fast forward 22 years, Christian Vasquez returns with a heartwarming real-life sequel for the iconic ad. Now a father of two, Christian faces a similar scenario with his eldest son, Jason. In PLDT's 95th-anniversary video, Christian shares his personal journey.

The video unfolds the real-life story of Jason (who also stars in the video), set to take the engineering board exam while simultaneously working in an IT company. Stressed and tired during his exam preparations, Jason, in an online video call, musters the courage to share with his dad his decision not to pursue the board exams and stay in his IT job.

Initially expressing disbelief and encouraging Jason to take the exam for broader opportunities, Christian, on the verge of reprimanding his son, recalls the lesson he learned two decades ago — the importance of supporting his son's dreams.

In a poignant moment, Christian emphatically expresses his support for Jason's decision. Transitioning from the iconic "Suportahan ta ka," he utters the line "Palangga Ta Ka" (meaning "I love you"), underscoring his unconditional love and backing for his son.

While parents may not always align with their children's choices, the campaign stresses that love and meaningful communication triumph over doubt. PLDT's video resonates its commitment to enabling meaningful connections across generations — from grandparents to parents and their children. Even in moments of disagreement, love prevails.

As PLDT celebrates its 95th anniversary, the campaign serves as a reminder of the enduring power of love, respect, and kindness in fostering connections within families.

To wrap up, for nostalgia, let me share PLDT's iconic 2001 "Suportahan Ta Ka" TVC by Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, featuring young Christian Vasquez.

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