HONOR CEO Expresses Goal To Challenge Apple

In a bold move, HONOR, a leading global provider of smart devices, is making waves with the debut of its HONOR 100 Series, positioning itself as a formidable challenger to its competitors in terms of specifications and features.

George Zhao Ming, the Chief Executive Officer of HONOR, recently unveiled the company's strategic goal to enter the European market, aiming to disrupt the technology monopoly and catalyze industry-wide transformation and innovation.

George Zhao Ming, HONOR CEO
HONOR CEO George Zhao Ming (Source: https://twitter.com/George_Zhao)

In a statement, Mr. Zhao Ming emphasized the importance of challenging industry giants like Apple. He said, "Twenty years ago, who would have imagined that the iPhone could surpass Nokia? We should not shy away from challenging the powerful iPhone. Success requires the presence of challengers and a belief in our own potential."

The HONOR 100 Series marks a significant step forward, with two flagship phone models leading the charge – the HONOR 100, featuring the groundbreaking Snapdragon 7 Generation 3 processor, and the HONOR 100 Pro, an early adopter of MagicOS 8.0.

Building on the legacy of the HONOR 70 and HONOR 90 series, the HONOR 100 Series promises enthusiasts and loyal followers a continuation of high standards and innovative features set by its predecessors.

HONOR 100 Series

Initially launched in China in November 2023, the HONOR 100 Series is now open for pre-orders starting the first week of December 2023. The global launch is anticipated in 2024, marking HONOR's ambitious stride into the global market.

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