Burnout Crisis: 94% of Cybersecurity Pros in Philippines Struggle, Reveals Sophos Report

Sophos, a globally recognized leader in cybersecurity solutions, in collaboration with Tech Research Asia (TRA), has unveiled the results of its latest report, "The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan." 

The report uncovers a concerning trend: 94% of cybersecurity and IT professionals in the Philippines grapple with burnout and fatigue, marking the highest percentage in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.


The study indicates that burnout pervades various facets of cybersecurity operations. A staggering 88% of respondents in the Philippines reported an increase in burnout over the past year. Additionally, 36% admitted that burnout adversely affects their diligence in cybersecurity roles, with 11% attributing it to actual breaches.

Key factors contributing to cybersecurity burnout and fatigue, as identified in the report, include:
  • Insufficient resources for cybersecurity activities
  • Monotonous routine tasks
  • Elevated pressure from management
  • Alert overload from tools and systems
  • Escalating threat activity and the adoption of new technologies
The impact of burnout on cybersecurity professionals in the Philippines is profound:

  • 36% feel their performance suffers due to burnout
  • 36% experience heightened anxiety during breaches or attacks
  • 23% exhibit cynicism and detachment towards cybersecurity responsibilities
  • 17% have resigned due to stress and burnout
According to Aaron Bugal, Sophos' field CTO, the report underscores the urgent need for organizations to support their cybersecurity workforce. Burnout not only compromises employee stability and performance but also contributes to cybersecurity breaches.

The repercussions of burnout extend beyond individual professionals to business operations:
  • 11% of breaches are directly linked to cybersecurity burnout
  • 19% of companies face delayed responses to cyber incidents
  • Businesses lose an average of 4.6 hours per week of productivity among cybersecurity and IT professionals, with the Philippines and Singapore bearing the brunt.
  • Stress-related resignations are prevalent, with 48% of companies attributing turnover to burnout.
The research, conducted by Tech Research Asia (TRA), garnered responses from 919 participants across Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore. It sheds light on the pressing challenges faced by the cybersecurity sector in the Asia Pacific and Japan region.

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