Behind the Scenes of OPPO Reno11 Series 5G TVC with Nadine Lustre and Bea Alonzo

Experience the Making of the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G TVC Now!

Step into the enchanting world of OPPO's latest Reno11 Series 5G as brand ambassadors Nadine Lustre and Bea Alonzo take center stage in the captivating behind-the-scenes film of OPPO's nature-inspired TVC. Offering a sneak peek into the creation of the newest addition to the Reno series, this exclusive glimpse unveils the innovative Portrait Expert features that set this groundbreaking phone apart.

Nadine Lustre Bea Alonzo OPPO Reno11 Series 5G

Set against the breathtaking backdrop of Batangas' lush greenery and shimmering waters, the behind-the-scenes footage showcases the remarkable camera capabilities of the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G. Bea Alonzo, reflecting on the experience, describes shooting against the picturesque scenery as nothing short of poetic. With the Reno11 Series 5G in hand, Bea felt like she was part of a living artwork, her hair dancing in the wind. The 32MP telephoto lens, a standout feature of the phone, beautifully captured these moments, adding a touch of magic to every frame.

Bea Alonzo OPPO Reno11 Series 5G

The OPPO Reno11 Series 5G emerges as the latest offering in the Reno series, drawing inspiration from nature evident in its design, featuring the elegant hues of Pearl White and Wave Green. Through the behind-the-scenes footage, viewers get an exclusive look at Bea and Nadine's journey into nature, highlighting the telephoto camera's prowess in capturing stunning visuals.

Rooted in the sophistication of pearl white and the vibrancy of wave green, the phone's design ethos seamlessly integrates natural textures, echoing the beauty of the outdoors. As Nadine shares her excitement, holding the Reno11 Pro 5G while strolling along the beach felt like embarking on a quest to uncover the secrets of pearl white.

Nadine Lustre OPPO Reno11 Series 5G

The telephoto lens emerges as the hero, capturing nuanced moments within the grandeur of nature. Bea emphasizes its ability to enhance every performance, capturing interactions with the lush greenery effortlessly. The phone's capability to capture subtle movements without intrusion allows photographers to encapsulate raw emotions authentically.

For Nadine, the OPPO Reno11 Series 5G is a game-changer, blending seamlessly with its surroundings, creating an unforgettable experience. It epitomizes the Reno11 Series 5G's design philosophy – to stand out and transform every portrait into an extraordinary expression of natural authenticity.

Nadine Lustre Bea Alonzo OPPO Reno11 Series 55G

The OPPO Reno11 Series 5G debuts in the Philippines on February 1. Stay tuned for the latest updates on the Reno series by visiting OPPO Philippines' official website or its Facebook page.

Watch the behind the scenes of Nadine Lustre and Bea Alonzo's OPPO Reno11 Series 5G TVC here:

Client: OPPO Philippines
Broadcast Producer: Miele Dungo (Slingshot Manila, Inc.)
Production House: Two Fold
Executive Producer: Mara Bernaldo
Director: Timothy Axibal and Tey Clamor
DOP: Tey Clamor
Cam Op: Rocky Morilla
Production Staff: Kaye Atienza
Colorist: Mikhail Von Asmuth (Barebones Inc.)
Editor: Timothy Axibal
Live Sound: Danjo Galapon, Jacob Guce (Eelectric Studio)
Sound Engineer: Philip Jarilla (Hit Productions Inc.)

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