PLDT Home Gigabit Fiber Plans, Officially Launched!

PLDT Home is rolling out its ultra-fast Gigabit Fiber plans, marking a significant advancement in broadband technology and introducing the fastest broadband plans in the country, surpassing existing options by tenfold.

PLDT Home Gigabit Fiber Plans offer Filipinos the fastest and most reliable internet services available today, building upon its previous introduction of 1 Gbps speeds. Thanks to PLDT, internet speeds of up to an astounding 10 Gbps are finally accessible to Filipinos.

Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT's Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business, shared, "We are proud to usher the Filipino into the Gigabit Era. Our commitment is to be at the forefront of digital innovations, blazing the trail to give our countrymen the technologies which will open doors to meaningful opportunities that will make their lives better. We exemplify that today by pioneering the next generation of Fiber which allows PLDT Home to deliver Gigabit-speeds straight to the Home."

Jeremiah de la Cruz, PLDT's Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business

PLDT Home’s Gigabit Fiber plans feature four options, ranging from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps, enabling simultaneous high-bandwidth online activities for household members.

In addition to ultra-fast speeds, PLDT Home’s Gigabit Fiber plans include a Gigabit modem, whole home WiFi 6 mesh system, IPTV and global streaming app subscriptions, and security services for personal devices, enhancing customers' digital experiences.

Gigabit speed represents a significant leap in Fiber high-speed internet, delivering speeds at least 100 times faster than average home connections, ensuring consistent and reliable connectivity across multiple devices, catering to the evolving needs of Filipino households.

PLDT Home's leadership in digital innovation is evident in its pioneering Gigabit Fiber plans, which promise to revolutionize various aspects of Filipino life, including work, education, entertainment, and smart home experiences.

PLDT Home’s Gigabit Fiber plans will initially be available in select villages in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao, offering transformative internet speeds and unlocking new possibilities for the Philippines' digital future.

PLDT Inc. boasts the country's most extensive fiber infrastructure, supporting Smart’s mobile network nationwide, ensuring a fast and reliable internet experience for all users, whether fixed or mobile.

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