OPPO Drives Innovation via Strategic Partnerships with Tech Startups

With over 150 million startups globally and millions more emerging yearly, the landscape of technology and creativity is constantly evolving. However, the harsh reality is that a significant portion of startups face hurdles, with approximately one in five failing within the first year due to various challenges.

In light of this, OPPO, a global leader in technology, has embarked on a mission to empower startups through strategic collaborations, offering vital support to navigate obstacles and bring groundbreaking innovations to life.

"At OPPO, we recognize the diverse needs of startups and are committed to providing comprehensive support, including funding, technology, and marketing assistance, to foster their growth and expand the reach of technology to a wider audience," stated Yan Ren, Director of Open Innovation Europe at OPPO. "With AI emerging as a prominent domain, OPPO is actively venturing into this space, seeking collaborations with startups to unlock new possibilities."

Moving beyond mere investment, OPPO's partnerships with startups transcend financial backing. For instance, AlpsenTek, specializing in machine vision, utilized OPPO's financial and technical support to integrate its cutting-edge hybrid vision sensor, ALPIX-Eiger®, with AI algorithm capabilities. This collaboration has resulted in the development of AI Motion algorithms, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon® Mobile Platforms, enabling image de-blurring functionalities and enhancing user experience.

Without Image De-Blur and with Image De-Blur, respectively

In the realm of Extended Reality (XR), OPPO's collaboration with DeepMirror has brought forth innovative augmented reality (AR) experiences. DeepMirror's cloud-based service, MirrorVerse, showcased at global events like MWC24, demonstrates interactive gaming within real environments, adding a new dimension to user engagement.

DeepMirror at OPPO Inspiration Challenge

Co-creation emerges as a pivotal strategy driving disruptive innovations. Through partnerships with startups like HUAYI Medical Technologies and CloudSteth, OPPO is pioneering advancements in preventive healthcare and telemedicine. HUAYI's contactless health monitoring technology, WonTrackR, and CloudSteth's intelligent auscultation system exemplify breakthroughs in healthcare, aligning with OPPO's commitment to research and development in these areas.

Continuing its commitment to nurturing startups, OPPO's initiatives such as the OPPO Inspiration Challenge provide ongoing support and global recognition opportunities. Tangtangquan's digital therapeutic solution integrated into OPPO Watch 3 and 4 has empowered thousands to manage their health conveniently. Similarly, Bluepha Co., Ltd's eco-friendly alternative to plastic, Bluepha™ PHA, showcased during COP28, illustrates OPPO's dedication to sustainable innovation.

CloudSteth at OPPO Inspiration Challenge

As the AI revolution continues to transform industries, startups serve as catalysts for pioneering advancements. OPPO's steadfast dedication to collaborating with and supporting the next generation of startups underscores its commitment to driving innovation and delivering transformative experiences worldwide. With strategic partnerships at its core, OPPO stands poised to shape the future of technology, one collaboration at a time.

Left: OPPO Watch 3 with Tangtangquan’s digital therapeutic solution
Right: The demo of phone case of OPPO Find N2 Flip made from Bluepha™ PHA

With a firm commitment to innovation and collaboration, OPPO's strategic partnerships with startups signify a paradigm shift in the technology landscape, ushering in a new era of creativity and progress. As the world embraces the potential of AI and emerging technologies, OPPO's vision and commitment to empowering startups remain unwavering, driving innovation and transforming lives on a global scale.

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