iLuv Glow in the Dark Cases for iPhone 5 : Available in Snoopy, Ninja, Mummy and Aurora Designs! Price Starts At Php 1,050

If it looks cute, attractive and unique, I've got to have it!

And these glow-in-the-dark iPhone 5 cases by iLuv, which are now out in the Philippines via MSI-ECS, have sure caught my fancy.
glow in the dark case for iphone

Available in black, pink, and white retro patterns, iLuv cases do not only protect your iPhone 5 against dings and bumps but also make your phone come alive and become more eye-catching.

glow in the dark case for iphone

First time to hear about iLuv? Well, iLuv Creative Technology is one of the world's leading providers of accessories for mobile devices. Born in New York City, iLuv has evolved into a premium brand garnering both media and consumer respect along the way. iLuv is actually an acronym for 'Innovative Lifestyle Unquestionable Value,' the company's corporate mantra, which has been validated not only by our 35 prestigious CES Innovations, Good Design, iF, and red dot awards, but also by countless media accolades and glowing reviews of satisfied customers.

glow in the dark case for iphone

iLuv cases have an anti-static coating and are made of high-quality silicon rubber to provide protection against regular impacts. What I find really cool about them, though, is that they have these playful illuminating patterns, which are totally fun to look at. Also, these youthful glow-in-the-dark drawings make it a lot easier for me to look for my iPhone 5 in my room at night without having to turn on the light.

glow in the dark case for iphone

You can now get these iLuv cases from MSI-ECS starting at only Php 1,050 for those with Aurora, Mummy, and Ninja designs while the very cute Snoopy version, which I personally love, sells for Php 1,260. For more information about the availability of the product and to learn how and where you can buy it, kindly give MSI-ECS a ring at (02) 688-3180.

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