PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Price is Php 100 : Turns Your GSM Cellphone or Smartphone To A Mobile PLDT Landline

Aside from being a tech blogger, I also run a digital marketing consultancy business, which requires me to make a lot of lengthy landline calls as part of client servicing.

I have a PLDT line in my home office, which comes in really handy for that. But since I also move around a lot for tech events, conferences, and meetings, often, I'm still forced to use my mobile number to make landline calls - especially when I'm on the road - and that service isn't particularly cheap. Php 7.50 per minute, to be exact.

Thankfully, a friend from PLDT recently told me about the PLDT Landline Plus SIM, which turns any cellphone or smartphone into a mobile landline and offers very affordable call rates.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline
The SIM itself only costs Php 100 at authorized PLDT Prepaid Cards partner retailers (located in all major malls nationwide). No need to apply for a line and to submit documents.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline
Of course, the card gives you your own landline number, which your folks, friends, and clients can ring as they would your wired line.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

Just plug in the regular-sized SIM to your old alphanumeric GSM cellphone or full touchscreen smartphone. And what's cool is if you have a dual SIM handset, it can also work as your second line alongside your mobile network line.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

To activate your account, simply add prepaid credits to your number's e-wallet using a PLDT Landline Load Card and subscribe to a package.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

To load up, simply scratch off the protective ink on the card to reveal the PIN. From your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid, dial 101-212 + PIN. A voice recording will confirm if the reload is successful, the date of expiration and the updated balance of your e-wallet.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

New subscribers need to register to a monthly plan immediately after transferring the card's load to their number's e-wallet. I would suggest starting with Plan 300, which gives 30 days of incoming call service and free 600 minutes of outgoing local landline calls. To subscribe to Plan 300, just dial #101*300 and wait for the voice recording confirming your subscription.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

Just a reminder: Don't forget to affix the area code (e.g. 02 for NCR) to the seven-digit number when making landline calls.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

If you wish to send text messages, browse the internet, or make International Calls using your PLDT Landline Plus number, simply transfer more load to your e-wallet on top of the amount you spent in subscribing to your base plan. The per-minute IDD rate for 95 countries including the United Kingdom and USA is just Php 8.00 while the rate for countries in the Middle East is slightly more expensive at Php 10.00 or Php 15.00 per minute depending on the exact territory.

PLDT Landline Plus, Turn Cellphone to Landline

Your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaird SIM can also be reloaded via SmartLoad and PLDTLoad from any local retailer, including sari-sari stores or at any PLDT Sales and Service Center. You get the flexibility to choose from affordable load denominations(as low as Php 30 for additional outgoing calls and texts) and the convenience of being able to load your account from over 1 Million e-load retailers nationwide. Note, however, that load balance is now cumulative, which means that each load residing in the e-wallet will expire based on its individual validity date. Also, once load is used to fund the monthly plan, original load validity is converted to that of the monthly plan's validity.

Get PLDT Landline Plus for Big Savings! Imagine, TP Friends: For Php 300, I used to only make around 40 minutes of landline calls using my mobile number. But with PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid, I get 600 minutes of outgoing landline calls to my clients and everyone I hold dear. Plus, I finally have peace of mind knowing that I can get their incoming landline calls anywhere I am, away from wires.

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