Momax iPower Go Mini Powerbank Price, Special Features : Where To Buy Momax in the Philippines?

This is the powerbank that I currently carry around with me when out and about for meetings, events, and adventures in and away from Manila: The Momax iPower Go Mini 8,400 mAh that I got from Beyond The Box.

Momax iPower Mini
It may look ordinary -- but I promise you, it's not your typical powerbank.

Before I tell you the six things I absolutely love about this cute and essential gadget companion, let's do a quick unboxing.

Momax iPower Mini
The Momax iPower Go Mini comes with a transparent plastic packaging so you see exactly what you're getting. At the back, near the bottom, the company listed down the device's key specifications and the contents of the 'case' -- in two languages.

Momax iPower Mini
There are practically just three items inside the pack; The unit itself, the sleeve where the company printed some of the main selling points of the product and the Go-Link microUSB to USB cable.

Momax iPower Mini
Speaking of which, that's one of the things I like about the Go Mini. Go-Link is short and tangle-free and it even clings to the 'suitcase rod' of the powerbank making it more convenient to carry around and harder to lose.

Momax iPower Mini

Momax iPower Go Mini is the very first product in the world to feature what the company calls a "One-Take USB Port". It's a design innovation that lets you plug a USB cable or drive from any side and hence, removes the hassle of incorrectly inserting it with the wrong side up! Clever, eh?! Talk about not having 50-50 chances of plugging your USB right.

Momax iPower Mini

With 8,400 mAh capacity and 2.4A maximum output, Go Mini is capable of fully charging up to four smartphones or a couple of iPad Minis (the second on just 50% charge) far faster than your regular powerbank.

Momax iPower Mini

As you can see, the device is very cute -- but it's also sturdy and durable. The case is made of hard plastic with ridges and there's a silicon strip lining the sides of Go Mini protecting it against the knocks and bumps of daily use.

This powerbank features a sleek "no button" design identity, which only shows how straight-forward it is to use. Just plug in your device to start turbo-charging it and shake Go Mini to activate the LED bulbs that will tell you how much charge there is left. And the cool thing is, it automatically shuts down or switches to power-saving mode within 30 seconds when no gadget is connected.

Momax iPower Mini

Finally, I love this powerbank because it is safe to use. Equipped with cells made by Samsung and LG, Momax iPower Go Mini guarantees safety and reliability. The intelligent chip design with sophisticated technology is made to prevent over-charging, over-discharging, and short-circuit.

TP Friends, Momax iPower Go Mini is now available nationwide for just Php 2,600 and you get it via the following resellers: Beyond the Box, 8Telcom, Digital Hub, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, CellShoppe, Digital Arena, Digital Walker, Globotel, District 32, E-Central, Games and Gadgets, GUI, iCenter, iGig, iStore, iStudio, Microstation, Mobile 1, Planet Gadgets, PC Hub, PRG Photoshop, R.O.X., Sidrah, Switch, Sync, TechSavvy, The Inbox Store, Vertex, and iBook.

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