10 Things You Didn't Know You Could Buy at CDR-King

If you're one of the few who haven't visited a CDR-King store within the past couple of years, then you should know that the days when all you could get at these outlets are flash drives, blank CDs, microUSB cables, and laptop sleeves have come and gone.

Now, CDR-King already has a very, very wide - almost wild - product catalogue giving you stuff that you really wouldn't expect to see in a mere electronics shop.

Here are ten things that you'd be surprised to know that you could actually buy from CDR-King:

1. If a couple invited you to their wedding and you're totally running out of gift ideas, why not give them this Stark Double Electric Stove - with non-stick coating, mind you - for their new home? I mean, why not? A good "kalan" is a staple wedding present in the Philippines anyway.


2. ...and if you don't want them to raise their eyebrows and think that you're being a cheapskate, bundle the kalan with this Rice Cooker from the same brand!


3. There are now many, many motorcycles to choose from at CDR-King -- and they come in all shapes and sizes:

This one is perfect for touring a hacienda.

While a few of these would be great for those who planning to start a tricycle business.

4. Apart from a handful of CDR-King flagship stores, most of their branches are actually rather small so I was surprised to learn that they now carry items as big as a Filing Cabinet...


5. ... and a Refrigerator!


6. It used to be that you'd only find the face of Winnie The Pooh (and other Disney characters, for that matter) on CDR-King blank CDs, computer mice, or laptop sleeves, now he's also on these cute CDR-King Throw Pillows!


7. LED TVs have already rendered big CRT ones obsolete. But if you insist on getting the latter, you will find one at CDR-King.


8. Thinking about starting a "Kumikitang Kabuhayan" this new year? Sell Designer Mugs!


9. ... or open a parlor! You can always rely on CDR-King to give you all the equipment you need for a lot less!


10. If you've been neglecting yourself and your friends are already starting to feel grossed out whenever they see you, start the new year right with this innovative, one-of-a-kind CDR-King personal hygiene gadget!


Happy Shopping at CDR-King, TP Friends! And Happy New Year!

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