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Pope Francis 2015 Papal Visit in the Philippines Schedule of Activities, Telco Advisories, How To Follow Lolo Kiko Online?

Public Service Post

Like many of you, I'm also religiously and faithfully following our dear Pope Francis' visit and itinerary in our country. Right now, I'm only doing it online and through the television but my family and I intend to attend some activities on Sunday when he returns to Manila from Leyte.

Pope Francis Philippines

For those who are also joining the community events, here's Lolo Kiko's schedule for the next three days:

Pope Francis Philippines

You may also follow him via his official social media accounts:

Pope Francis
Pope Francis on Facebook:

Pope Francis
Lolo Kiko on Twitter:

NETWORK ADVISORIES: If you're wondering why there are times during the day when you can't seem to make calls, send text messages, or surf the internet through your Smart, Sun, or Globe number, it's because NTC advised our telcos to suspend their services at certain times during Pope Francis' visit in the Philippines for security reasons.

Watch Pope Francis on TV or follow the Papal Visit Philippines 2015 conversation on Twitter:

Pope Francis Philippines
Watch Lolo Kiko touch the lives of Filipinos in High-Definition on Cignal TV Channel 199

Pope Francis Philippines
ABS-CBN News Papal Visit Coverage:
Kapamilya Twitter Hashtag: #PopeFrancisPH

Pope Francis Philippines
GMA7 People's Pope Coverage:
Kapuso Twitter Hashtag: #BlessedByThePope, #PapalVisitPH

Pope Francis Philippines
Papal Visit Philippines 2015 Twitter Account:

We love you, Pope Francis! God bless you all, TP Friends!

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