Is Titan Loop The Toughest Lightning Cable for Apple iPhone and iPad on the Planet?

Are you sick and tired of buying expensive lightning cables for your iPhone or iPad that easily get busted or worn out after a few months?

Well, here's an alternative that you might want to check out.

Titan Loop, Toughest Lightning Cable

Doubling as a key chain cable, Titan Loop by Fuse Chicken could very well be the toughest lightning cable that's out in the market.

Titan Loop, Toughest Lightning Cable
The cable itself is protected by reinforced flexible steel that you can bend to form a loop for keys while either ends are crafted from durable plastic that's tough enough to survive the pulls-and-tugs, and bends-and-twists of everyday use.

I've been using it for a couple of weeks now to sync data from my iPhone to my PC and Macbook Pro and so far, it's been perfect. I think this cable is really going to last me for years.

Titan Loop, Toughest Lightning Cable
I love my Titan Loop but, sometimes, I wish it's a bit longer so I can more conveniently use it for charging my iDevices. Also, if you're the type of iPhone owner who loves holding and playing with your handset while syncing data, you might find it hard to do that using this cable.

Titan Loop, Toughest Lightning Cable

For those who are interested, I got my Titan Loop at Digital Walker for Php 1,650. (I heard it's also available at Beyond The Box stores). It's tad more expensive than Apple's Lightning Cable but considering that its ultra-tough construction - making it everything-proof - I think Titan Loop is well-worth every penny.

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