FC Pocket Gaming Console Price is Php 1,599 : Where To Buy In The Philippines?

I was born in 1983 and some of the fondest memories of my childhood revolved around playing video games on our Nintendo Family Computer or NES Classic with my cousins and my younger brother. Ah, memories!

During the mid-90s, my family eventually got a Sony PlayStation (and I devoted endless hours to playing Marvel vs. Capcom after classes) -- but even with better graphics, PS never quite made me forget about my fascination with those simple yet fun 2D games on our Nintendo.

Looking back, I can really say that I wouldn't be as fascinated with gadgets today if it weren't for our first gaming console and all the cool games - like Super Mario Bros., Circus Charlie, Contra, Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Bomber Man, among many, many others - that I (together with the people I care for) played on it. I'll always treasure that experience.

FC Pocket Gaming Console

And that's why, last weekend, I couldn't contain my excitement when my good friend Mr. Regie Huguit showed this amazing new product that he's offering in this small online store.

FC Pocket Gaming Console
So cool, right?!

FC Pocket is a handheld gaming console that looks like a controller of the Nintendo Family Computer from the '80s but has built-in 2.7-inch colored screen ala Gameboys of old!

FC Pocket Gaming Console
And what's amazing is that it already comes with 472 pre-installed games on top of the 128 games in the cartridge that's included in the package for free! That's a total of 600 games -- all hailing from the golden era of the Nintendo FamiCom!

FC Pocket Gaming Console

"Mark, you'll be glad to know that all the 600 titles are unique. No redundant or repeating games! This console has all the games you played on the classic NES; For sure!" Regie told me.

FC Pocket Gaming Console

FC Pocket ships with a secondary controller for those two-player games. Also, it comes with chords that let you connect the device to a larger screen for a more compelling and exciting gaming experience.

"The display on the console won't work once it's connected to a larger screen. I would advise that you take out the battery and just plug it straight to an outlet if you're going to use it in that mode," shared Regie while giving me a demo of the product.

FC Pocket Gaming Console

"Speaking of the battery, when you're using FC Pocket in handheld mode, it will stay on for four to five hours on a full charge. The screen will stutter or turn white once the device needs a recharge -- but it's  nothing to worry about it," he added.

FC Pocket Gaming Console
Overall, with what Regie has shown me, I'm quite impressed with the product. If anything, I'm grateful to it for giving me a much needed dose of nostalgia.

If you want to get an FC Pocket for yourself or your kid (to let him or her experience the games that you grew up playing), feel free to get in touch with Mr. Regie Higuit via 09275555169. He sells each unit for Php 1,599 and he is OK with meet-ups anywhere within Mega Manila. I believe he can also have the item delivered to you for a small additional amount. If you have inquiries, don't hesitate to call him. Have fun!

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