Xiaomi Piston Fresh Official Price is Just $4 or Php 200, But There's a Catch!

Audiophiles, rejoice! Disruptive electronics company Xiaomi has just released a new, very affordable earphone model in its home country.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

Featuring an anodized aluminum shell, Xiaomi Piston Fresh dons an official suggested retail price of only 29 RMB or just Php 200 with current conversion and before taxes.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

This new pair is the latest iteration to this series, which has become pretty popular here in the Philippines as it delivers above average sound quality given its low price tag.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

According to Xiaomi, Piston Fresh's real metal shell doesn't only make it both durable and elegant but also makes great sound quality possible -- perhaps by acting as a resonating chamber.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

The earphones also has a microphone and a button that can be used to receive calls. But here's the catch: This only supports Android smartphones and not iOS devices. So if you're an iPhone user, this might not be the right model for you.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh
You can get it in Pink, Black, Blue (Teal), Purple, and Silver!

Weighing only 17 grams, Piston Fresh has impedance of 32 Ohms, sensitivity rating of 98dB, and frequency response range of 20-40000Hz.

Xiaomi Piston Fresh

Sadly, Xiaomi has already mellowed down its operations in the Philippines so we'll most likely get this model from grey market sellers - who'll charge around twice as much for a unit - within the next few weeks.

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