Apple iPad 2 Philippines : Price, Release Date, Complete Technical Specifications

This post aims to collate all relevant information on Apple iPad 2 in the Philippines, including its release date and pricing details.

UPDATE as of April 28, 2011:
It's OFFICIAL. Apple iPad 2's release date in the Philippines is tomorrow, April 29, 2011. Kindly stay tuned for OFFICIAL pricing details.

UPDATE as of April 29, 2011:
Here's the official price schedule of iPad2 in the Philippines --
Apple iPad 2 Wifi-only 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sell for Php 23,990, Php 28,990 and Php 33,990 respectively. Apple iPad 2 Wifi + 3G 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sell for Php 30,990, Php 35,990 and Php 40,990 respectively.

As of this moment, Apple hasn't released any information on iPad 2's availability in the Philippines. Likewise, the company's official retailers in the country have yet to disclose the exact date that they will have iPad 2 in their shelves.

We promise to update this post as soon as we get more information on the slate's release details in the Philippines. (Off hand, expect iPad 2's pricing in the Philippines to be very similar to that of the first generation iPad when it was released here in December 2010.)

In the meantime, if you will, check out the complete technical specifications of Apple iPad 2:

TechPinas Tablet Technical Specs Table (TTabTST)
Name Apple iPad 2
Type Tablet
Price Category High-End (Flagship Release)
Dimensions241.2 x 185.7 x 8.8 mm (to be confirmed)
Weight 589 grams
Available Colors Metal Finish - Anodized Aluminum at the back. Front - White, Black bezel options
Operating System iOS 4.3
Display 9.7-inch 768 x 1024 pixels TFT Capacitive Touchscreen
Processor 1 GHz Apple A5
Camera 2 cameras, one in front, another at the back camera
Video Capture Back camera: Video recording, HD (720p) up to 30 frames per second with audio; still camera with 5x digital zoom
Front camera: Video recording, VGA up to 30 frames per second with audio; VGA-quality still camera
Audio and Video Playback MP4/MP3/WAV/AAC player, full HD 1080p video playback via HDMI dongle
Ports 3.5 mm audio jack, 30-pin dock connector port, microSIM card tray for the 3G version
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth wireless technology 2.1 + EDR
Memory option of either 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB of internal storage
Sensors Digital Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope
Battery Li-Po
Uptime 10 hours uptime
Value-Added Features App Store, Fingerprint and scratch resistant oleophobic surface, iBooks, Google Maps, FaceTime, HDMI video out via dongle
Announcement March 3, 2011 - Manila
Availability March 11, 2011 in US, March 25, 2011 in 25 countries, TBA for others
Price $499, $599 and $699 for 16GB, 32GB and 64GB the Wifi-only version, respectively. And $629, $729 and $829 for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB the Wifi-3G version, respectively.


  1. Apple iPad 2 In The Philippines: Specifications, Price and Release Date

  2. I am sure that the rumours about the iPad 3 technical specs will be busy doing the rounds before the iPad 2 hits the shelves at Apple Stores here in Philippines.

    I skipped the original iPad because it was too restrictive and the 11 inch Macbook Air does the job far better. iPad 2 is faster than it's predecessor but still no USB port, okay if you want to email, surf and play limited games from App Store but personally I am glad to have paid the extra pesos for the MacBook Air.

  3. what app store gives you limitless possibilities? from copycats tablets to mac to pc.

  4. None of them, don't make me yawn. That is why I had to choose a MacBook Air instead of the very restrictive iPad. See my point I wrote about no USB port on the iPad toy.... connect dvd drive and load programmes, even Apple app store is boring after downloading a few useful apps.
    The iPad has it's place but as I said it is too restricted and limited, okay for all the facebook crowd and playing games but MB Air is also truly portable and still cheap enough and... it can do the job better than a windows netbook or iPad

  5. A tablet is not a laptop computer. That is why it's price accordingly, i.e. 1/3 of the price of the macbook air since it can do maybe 1/3 of what the macbook can. It is that simple to understand. I hope it can reach our shores in a shorter time than what it took ipad1. Seriously, waiting 9 months for this will suck.

  6. Let's try and compare on near to equal terms as possible if you can understand that messie.
    64 gb wi-fi + 3g is 37,000 pesos, cheapest MB Air is 52,000 pesos, so the ipad is more than 2/3 of the price when storage is equal and 3g enabled like I would need (even though smart (slo)bro and Globe or Sun mobile broadband is so damn slow).

    iPad just ain't worth it in my opinion, I wanted something lighter to carry round than my 2 year old MB Pro with charger, large leather case etc. Granted iPad is light but it is not much more than a glorified toy if you spend your time using it for anything other than email, Facebook, mp3, photos & kiddy games.

    I got 2,000 discount on the MB Air anyway so 13,000 extra to get something that can handle most computer tasks is not a problem. Anyway enjoy your iPad 2 when you finally get it. If anyone wants to buy my MB Pro 2.53 ghz, 4 gig late 2008 unibody and they have cash tp pay in a lump sum, make me a real offer.

  7. teehee pa-argue argue ka pa jan sa huli iaadertise mo lang naman pala tunay na intensyon mo teehee

  8. Hey teehee, how about trying to post your one liner in English so we can all understand.....

  9. stop arguing like a kid.

  10. Not arguing, just giving you facts little boy/girl. iPad is just a toy as I said. You don't need many brain cells to play sad facebook with it, so I will leave the iPad to you guys who are academically challenged. I only use my computers to make money so I don't need to work or eat all that shit food they sell over there. Bye bye loser

  11. It's all summed up in the first sentence of my post: A tablet is not a computer. I just made the 1/3 comparison to prove my point that they are not apples to apples. If you went for the MB air, good for you. For me, I already have a laptop so why bother getting the MB? I want something to play with and that is why I want the new ipad. It will not be a replacement for my laptop, but it will be a great supplement to my everyday entertainment.

  12. @Pedro
    We got your point that you love your MB air. But it doesn't make any sense to buy MB if you already have your own laptop, right? It would be just a waste of money.I suppose iPad is just a tool for you to expand the world of entertainment and easy access of information. iPad will not definitely replace our laptops/desktops YET. But this is a great innovation for us to enjoy moving forward. So lets just be grateful about it, shall we?

  13. I've read somewhere Philippines won't be included in the March 25 international availability of the iPad 2. Does this mean it'll be available here by the time iPad 3 is announced?

  14. hmmmm... last time i checked this was a page for people who are interested to find out on the Ipad2 release and all; "Apple iPad 2 Philippines : Price, Release Date, Complete Technical Specifications". My only question to you PEDRO is why the hell are you in this page in the first place? when you are not interested to buy 1? It's crystal clear that you are simply selling your MB Air, if that is the case, a friendly advice, post your AD at ayosdito or any other sites that suits your REAL purpose!

  15. I'm confused.. do you guys think that i should just buy a laptop instead than ipad2?

  16. depends if you need just a toy and internet browser - or do you really have the need for full use of a laptop computer? You pay your money and take your choice

  17. It is not even in the April release for Philippines unless you fly to Hong Kong to buy it

    I would put money on it being released here in June/July at earliest.

  18. kulas you muppet

    Mind your own business because you cannot read and comprehend a post can you? Totally brainless aren't you? I made a mention about selling a MacBook Pro not the MacBook Air that I bought to replace it. Seems that everyone in phils has no money anyway, they want to buy on credit.... ROFLMAO

    Real purpose of my post since your asking was about the iPad 2 being just as much a toy as it's predecessor, so in my opinion (which I have a right to post) it is not worth the money that Apple is charging. Yes I do like most Apple products but some are just inferior to what the competition is bringing out.

    However I do love Apple stocks, made me so much money this last 3 years

  19. MB Pro with charger, leather case etc weighs about 3 times that of MB Air, that is why I changed. So it makes sense to carry something much lighter around with the amount of travelling that I do. You know them idiots at Cebu Pacific weigh every traveller's carry-on baggage to extract more money out of them.

    Also threw out my Core2Quad Windows PC in favour of an IMac. already had the PC but the iMac does the job I use it for a lot better

    Anyway enjoy your iPad2 when it does finally arrive

  20. The iPad 2 will not be released anytime soon. Apple Philippines has thousands of excess supply of the old iPad and some idiot there prefers to flush them out at the retail outlets before they will fight for the iPad 2 allocation. Sadly, it's the same idiot who ended up with the excess stock in the first place.

    Singapore and HK will get the iPad 2 before us so expect Greenhills to again be flooded with iPad 2s with ridiculously exorbitant prices in the same way that the first iPads came to us long after the rest of the world got it.

  21. How typical that Filipinos have to wait long after developed countries, just blame our stupid, government who will make loads more money in import taxes on the iPad 2 as well as everything else. Just keep screwing us more and more, we are used to it by now you moth** f***ing politiicians

  22. You have wasted much of your time commenting instead of earning more money. I wonder why.

  23. It only takes less than an hour a day to review and place stock orders.... and seconds to collect the profits on hitting the Sell button. Slightly better than working for a few hundred pesos a day. How many hours a day do you work for a pittance? Sorry to disappoint you but I make money on the stockmarkets while I sleep too.

    When on vacation in the phils I seem to have plenty of time to spare because not having to work to live means that life is so B-O-R-I-N-G. Nothing to do, no decent music, crappy television and clubs, and so on, Only good things are your women who give a guy what he wants. I do miss the girls while I am away because the girls in California need to check your bank account before getting their clothes off

  24. Maybe IPAD 2 will be available in our local apple store when IPAD 3 is released in the US.. So sad. Dumping ground for old tech gadgets of Apple : (

  25. where can i order for this?? or where can i buy?? exact address


  27. This is some kind of discrimination they have on us!

  28. I agree, it just shows how unfair our world is today.

  29. hong kong will have it in april.... much cheaper too - no tax & duty charged there

  30. whats all that BS - try English. if you read it, you can write it you retard

  31. Academicaly challenged you say, Well how is it that the ipad is being used in all facets of the US ipads are being used in hospitals by doctors and nurses to run patients databases and medical is being used in business offices supplied by companies to do logistics, inventory and among other things making purchases when out in the field, at schools by professors and students alike to conduct research etc...ipad is so versatile and convinient it does things that are mostly practical and cost effective by means of time saving unlike laptops where you have a bunch of stuff where you really dont use in essence an ipad cuts down things you really dont use and focus on the more faster easier way information is meant to be accesed and that is the bottom line for techies is to figure out away to process info the best way possible

  32. Thats fine Ericandteejay if you don't have the need to use the capabilities of a laptop, then just get the iPad. For all these businesses you mentions, an iPad cuts costs doesn't it and there is less chance of their employees mis-using and messing with the machine.

    My laptop is well used because I need it to make money from the World's Financial markets and my research and decision making on which stocks and funds to buy involves me running programmes that could not be used on an iPad, in fact even if they could the iPad processor could not handle running my dealing platform, technical analysis charts, streaming news information etc concurrently.

    So basically it is horses for courses, but for a mere 13,000 pesos more then an MB Air suited me better as it actually does the job for me and runs effortlessly bringing in the cash/pera/kwarta. I suppose if I was a schoolboy playing games and getting all excited reading about facebook friends boring lives then I may be tempted to use an iPad. Trying one out in the Apple Reseller did make me glad I chose the MB Air though. As I said "Horses for Courses"

    By the way regarding "academically challenged" even Americans with their "Slang" secondhand English spell convenient with "e" as the 5th letter not an "i"

  33. this comment thread is weird. i'm still thinking if i should get an iPad or just an iPod touch. not sure if i can wait for the iPad 2, for sure it will be more expensive. oh well...

  34. im planning to buy one for my residency.but it seems large to fit n my blazer im afraid that it would be misplace and during emergency times i dunno where to put it since it wont fit on my pocket.

  35. dear pedro,
    a bit of humility, wouldn't hurt, would it?

  36. maybe if I was a softie too.... sorry but my parents encouraged me to stand up for myself and not to be a wimp or get taken in by the BS that many of you suffer from rogue employers and government in the Phils. I actually feel sorry for the people who earn minimum wage and below, that won't even buy them one decent meal where in our country one hours wage will buy a damn good meal.

    You know something? This could be a lot better country if they didn't keep people poor, hungry and uneducated and encouraged foreign investment in property and business. Without any more foreign investment things are really going to get tough for you guys here in a few years then you may have to stand up for yourselves and fight like the Egyptians and Libyans etc have done.

    I hope it doesn't come to that but after several long visits in last 11 years I have noticed the way the poor are getting poorer. No sane minded foreigner will open a small to medium size business in Philippines unless they have been coerced or brainwashed into doing so. The profits are really not worth it and foreigners can only own 40% of a business. We don't have such stupid rules like that in developed countries. Neither would I buy a house here and have it in someone else's name, might as well throw the money in an incinerator.

    I really do like your country but if it took some ideas from neighbours such as Malaysia, Thailand etc then Philippines would become a world-class tourist destination. At the moment it is too polluted, too corrupt and only a very small minority (like 2%) benefit from it.

    Good luck for the future

  37. oh yeah! i'll be getting my ipad2 this week! can't wait! waaaaaaaaaaah!

  38. i gonna get mine NEXT WEEK! white 32gb wi-fi! :)

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  45. wut if ill buy mi ipad 2 wifi plus 3g at the us and use it in the philippines will it be possible cause as far as i know if im gonna buy it at the us they'll be asking me if verizon or att? im refering with the 3g one .. we dont have verizon and att in the philippines so how's that?

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    Oh well, how much is the current price of ipad2?

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  51. @Pedro, do you the meaning of Bored? realistically bored??

  52. Guys, iPad 2 is now available at PCWORX Philippines!

  53. well, i was refuse to buy a new ipad2 now.,

  54. Yes Juan,
    When I had to work for a living abroad I was never bored. Now to tell you the truth I was working for the equivalent of 1,470 Pesos per Hour (or 11,760 per day). I resigned from that job as making money from investments is far easier and quicker but then for the 6 months I lived in manila I was BORED because nothing much else to do. Now I am back out touring again I have plenty to keep my mind occupied without having to resort to working to make a thieving employer rich from me working. If I was offered even 5,000 pesos per day it wouldn't get me out of my bed and that is what they pay for jobs with no qualifications back home.

    You guys are probably happy with life there in Phils and good for you so no problem, but I am used to keeping my mind active. I honestly felt that living there was more like a stay in God's waiting room IMO

  55. why is it, ipad 2 in the Philippines is very late , in terms of availability, than the other country?

  56. That is most probably because the stock moves much quicker off the store shelves in places like Hong Kong. iPad 2 was selling fast when I was there this week, and it was almost impossible to buy 32GB unlocked iPhone 4 without paying a premium price of 10% over Apple Retail Price (still better than being locked to Globe though!)

  57. @Pedro: GEEK. replying to all our comments... GET OUT OF THIS THREAD. your're just another hater. we are here to peacefully talk about the iPad 2 and you have to say crap about our country. How dare you! who do you think you are? we don't care about your macbook air. in my opinion the Macbook Pro is better. But then Im choosing an iPad 2 because of the fact that it is really geared towards entertainment purposes NOT work. so shut up and go back to your house. Your mom is probably waiting for you kid.

  58. Ok Vince keep your Bra fastened and go and play your entertainment games on your ipad.

    I didn't say crap about your country I told the truth.... but there again you probably don't know any better than what you lot get from your super government. After all there is NO CORRUPTION IN THE PHILIPPINES, is there?

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    You really don't have a clue why Philippines is 98% poor do you? (clue is Government)

  59. The iPad 2 is arriving in the Philippines this Friday, April 29. Full story here:

  60. right, we bought ours in aussie, only 26k wen converted to peso

  61. Love the iPads. Good work Steve Jobs

  62. You're probably right about our Government.
    I totally agree with you on that but don't make
    me look like a fool by saying that there is no
    corruption in the Philippines.

    Im no idiot not to know what is happening around
    me especially in my own country.
    I know that those presidents are really not that great.
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    And for the record. 280 Pesos IS enough for a meal unless
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  63. the no corruption in philippines was pure sarcasm, try it sometime.

    You made a very true point though Vince, no one cares about the Philippines, it doesn't even feature in travel brochures in Western Countries

    280 pesos will buy a meal?  Oh sorry about that, I suppose it would buy an excuse for a meal at KFC, McDos, Chow King or other dumps like that.  

    The entry level restaurant for me was TGI Fridays, 600 to 1,700 pesos for a meal with drinks on top of that (No Tanduay or san miguel though, yuks)

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