Apple iPad 2 Unboxing Video : Accessories, Peripherals Check

Earlier today saw the launch of Apple iPad 2 in the United States.

So how did it go? Quoting Engadget;

Last night you couldn't walk down the street in New York City without becoming seriously soaked and breaking your umbrella, but you didn't really think that would stop those crazy Apple fans, did you? Oh yes, the iPad 2 lines are in full effect in NYC and around the country -- we're hearing there are already close to 150 at The Cube in Midtown Manhattan and scores of others in line in Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Palo Alto and more.

apple ipad 2 unboxing
Apple iPad 2 Launch Line at The Cube in NYC

NayFrench08 from Youtube is one of the first to actually get an Apple iPad 2 from today's event. Let's check out this short unboxing video that he made --

Here's what you get in the Apple iPad 2 box --

1. iPad 2 unit itself
2. Wall Charger
3. Documentation, Product Information Guide
4. USB Connector
5. Apple Stickers

Learn more about Apple iPad 2 via its official promotional video --

Stay tuned for updates on Apple iPad 2's release date and pricing details in the Philippines.



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  2. saw one in greenhills over the weekend. retailing for 40k, 16GB wi-fi only. kinda expensive.


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