Nokia N8 Sample Photos : 12 MegaPixels, Various Lighting Conditions

Aluminum-clad Nokia N8 takes breath-taking HD videos. But let's not forget that it also takes amazing 12 MegaPixel photos.

nokia n8 sample photos

My Nokia N8, which I aptly named "Ocho" (yes, I name my gadgets), and I have been together for more than 2 months already. And as my 'everyday phone', Ocho has accompanied me to a lot of my wanderings and misadventures.

With my Nokia N8, I can browse the internet, check my inbox and send emails, update my Facebook and Twitter status message, check-in via FourSquare and be updated on what's happening in the metro -- all while on the road. But the one thing that I absolutely love about this smartphone is that it lets me take great photos anywhere I go -- even if I don't have a point-and-shoot camera with me.

For me, Nokia N8 practically doubles as a full-blown digicam. It's that good a cameraphone. But don't take my word for it, here are some casual photos I took using the handset;

No post-processing. No Photoshop.

I know. I'm not so good a photographer. Heck, I'd cringe at the idea of calling myself one.
But you have to admit, the quality of the images is great. Remember, these photos were taken using a smartphone.


  1. n8 + light = camera monster

  2. Check on and other nice pictures with N8 but also with other mobile phones. All pictures there are made exclusively with mobile phones.

  3. No greater pleasure than using my N8... and showing off how great the mobile computer is!

  4. wow! the photos look great. they seemed like shot using a DSLR. i really wanted to buy a nokia N8 because of its 12.00 mp cam but unfortunately, i don't have that much money... c: