Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Drop : Php 21,990 Only!

Following the Php 4,000 drop in the price of Apple iPad First Generation, Samsung Philippines had decided to slash Php 13,000 off the original price of Samsung Galaxy Tab -- bringing it down to just Php 21,990.

samsung galaxy tab

Note that there's only one variant of Samsung Galaxy Tab out in the Philippines; The model is GT-P1000, which supports both Wifi and 3G connectivity.

Just for comparison, Apple iPad 16GB Wifi-only version currently sells for Php 19,990 while Apple iPad 16GB Wifi + 3G has a price tag of Php 26,990.

Check out Apple iPad vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab specs comparison via the link.


  1. Is it possible to upgrade the OS of the Samsung Tab to android 2.3 or 3.0 just like the apple os that is upgradable to latest version.

  2. i might get it.

  3. For Android 3.0, No it's not mainly because Honeycomb does not have the four physical buttons you will see in the Tab.

    For Android 2.3, Probably but not likely, the Froyo in the Tab can be upgraded to Gingerbread but I don't see Samsung will do that. You can, however, find upgrades in OS in other sites like I did on my Galaxy 5 where I upgraded it to Froyo from Eclair.

  4. Not that tempting, considering there would be a samsung tab 8.9" and 10".

  5. I believe that it will be possible to upgrade to Gingerbread though can't be sure... However am sure that I read something about it somewhere... But I think it will not be worth it to upgrade to Gingerbread though... that OS is tight-locked more than iPhone's OS is and that's saying something.


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