HTC Desire HD : In the Flesh! First Impressions

My two favorite Android phones for the first half of 2011 are HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z.

I love these handsets because --

1. They have powerful processors.
2. They have brilliant Super Clear LCD screens.
3. They take HD 720p videos.
4. They flaunt stellar construction and design.
5. Their cases are made of anodized aluminum.

Check out my HTC Desire HD --

htc desire hd

htc desire hd

htc desire hd

I'll post my full HTC Desire HD review after two weeks. But off hand, here are my initial impressions of the device;

1. The first that you'll notice about HTC Desire HD is how massive its screen is. Measuring 4.3‐inch across with 480 x 800 WVGA resolution, it just grabs you.
2. Like HTC Legend, HTC Desire HD features a unibody aluminum case. This means that the case is crafted from a singular block of aluminum. I think it exudes an aura of both durability and elegance.
3. The device has tapered sides, making it look even thinner than it actually is.
4. The front of the device is all glass. Below the screen you'll find four touch-sensitive Android control buttons; Home, Menu, Back and Search. By default, the handset vibrates when you touch these buttons.
5. At the back, you'll find the camera with its dual-LED flash. The camera takes 8 MegaPixel photos and high-definition 720p videos.

HTC is an active advertiser on TechPinas. Expect more posts on HTC Desire HD and other HTC handsets in the coming days.


  1. Slap an Otterbox on that baby.

  2. You are very right.. i'm a satisfied owner of HTC DESIRE HD, i love the wifi hot spot function, it's good for a unlimited surfing to share my other devices that needs a wi-fi feed...


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