Globe 4G LTE Arriving Within this Year, 3G Speeds to Become Minimum for Nomadic Connections!

TechPinas Exclusive!

Hi TP Friends! I'm now here in Boracay for the launch of Globe Tattoo's new LiveTattoo website and lifestyle hub.

I'll post a separate entry about the website's many cool features and upload photos and videos from the event soon. But in the meantime, I wanna let you in on a few exclusive info about the future of Globe's mobile services that Dong Ronquillo, Head of Nomadic Broadband Business, and company's digital marketing team shared with us during last night's media dinner.

1. Globe Telecom is currently undertaking a landmark $700 Million network modernization program. 80% of this investment will go towards creating and renewing facilities - like towers - that can help provide current and future subscribers with improved text, call and data services. The remaining 20%, on the other hand, will be used to re-engineer Globe's IT systems over the next two years. To be done in partnership with American 'convergence' company AMDOCS, this system transformation should result in faster response to customer queries and service requests, and quicker time-to-market for new products that adapt to changing needs of consumers by enhancements in customer segmentation, data gathering, and usage monitoring.

2. As a result of its modernization efforts, Globe Telecom should be able to provide consumers with true 4G LTE speeds soon. But how soon is soon? Dong told me that the service should become available within this year. Also, he said that his team is more concerned about being able to provide reliable LTE connection to subscribers than being the first to offer such speeds.

3. Likewise, Dong shared that Globe is working towards making 3G speeds the minimum for all nomadic or mobile connections while 3G HSDPA is the goal for key areas. 3G allows download speeds of around 384 Kbps while you get around 3.6 Mbps with HSDPA.

TP Thoughts

1. Call me nuts but I'm actually more interested in the prospects of getting reliable, consistent HSDPA speeds on my mobile device than being one of the first LTE subscribers in the Philippines. I mean, off hand, I don't really have any idea what I can possibly do with a 100Mbps mobile connection - on a daily basis. That'd be crazy. (Then again, I'll probably find some use for it once I have the connection.)

2. Right now, I'm cool with 3.6 Mbps -- actually that's more enough for the things I love to do online on-the-go; blog, update my social networking accounts, read websites, watch Youtube clips, and upload photos and videos. I'm cool with that connection speed. I just want consistency and I want it to be the minimum wherever I go. Also, I want it to always be there when I need it. Currently, that's all I want from Globe.

3. So it's going to be Smart LTE vs. Globe LTE soon. Should be exciting. It's always nice to see these giants at it; In the end, it's the consumer who always wins.

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