PBB Teen Edition 4 Housemates Complete List with Photos - Boys and Girls, #PBBTeens4 Hot on Twitter and Facebook!

I don't know if you'll agree with me on this but these days, popularity in social media sites could well be considered a true indicator of a product or program's success.

Pinoy Big Brother, one of ABS-CBN's most successful primetime programs, has just opened its doors again for a new batch of Teen Housemates. And as expected, putting those controversial photos from last Holy Week in another category, PBB Teen Edition 4 is now the hottest thing on popular social networking sites.

Last night, while the first official episode of the show was airing, the hashtag related to the program, #PBBTeens4, achieved top trending status on Twitter;

Pinoy Tweeps are so interested in the show that even derivative hashtags like #PBBBekiEdition likewise trended;

As earlier disclosed on TechPinas, it appears that a keyword or a hashtag becomes Twitter Trending Topic when it gets a considerable volume of related tweets while also being mentioned by top users on the site. Trending Topics vary from one territory to another but those with incredibly large volume of related tweets from various territories achieve Worldwide trending status.

On Facebook, 'likers' of the official page of PBB Teen Edition 4 are growing by the minute. When I first visited the account, it had 26,501 fans --

30 minutes after, the number jumped to 26,639. That's a difference of 138 likers --

Not bad!

Anyway. Without further ado, meet the boys and girls of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4 (Photos courtesy of ABS-CBN);

Alec - Tsino Gwapito ng Laguna, 18

Kit - Kid Tangkad ng Pampanga, 15

Roy - Boy Sipag ng Naga, 18

Ryan - Pilyong Binatilyo ng Angeles, 16

Tom - Bukid Prince ng Davao, 16

Vincent - Bunso'y Tisoy ng Rizal, 16

Yves - Masunuring Son ng Tarlac, 18

Nika - Ala Anghel ng Batangas, 15

Claire - CindeRebel ng Makati, 16

Clodet - Prangkang Chicka Teen ng Davao, 14

Joj - 1/2 Double Diva ng Bacolod, 17

Jai - 1/2 Double Diva ng Bacolod, 17

Karen - Hagik Chick ng Mindoro, 16

Mariz - Inday Husay ng Cebu, 17

Myrtle - Ang Cosplayer ng IloIlo, 18

So who's your bet? Off hand, Myrtle and Yves have the most fans on Facebook.

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