Globe iPhone 4S TVC Channels Apple's Old Mac vs. PC Campaign, Slams Competition!

Perhaps feeling sheer pressure from competition, Globe Telecom - it appears - has decided to become a tad more aggressive in promoting their own iPhone 4S postpaid bundles.

Obviously inspired by Apple's Mac vs. PC television ads from 2007, Globe's recently launched #GlobeiPhone4S TVC directly slams the rival company's iPhone 4S postpaid bundles by highlighting the limitations of the competing product.

There are at least two versions which are all on heavy rotation currently in primetime blocks of ABS-CBN and GMA7. If you haven't seen them, you can watch the ads here;

This one says that you only get 1GB of mobile data from the competition's Php 999 iPhone 4S Postpaid Plan while you get unlimited data with 999 from Globe.

This, on the other hand, says that Globe Postpaid gives you freebies, add-ons and boosters, which let you change your plan every month, while competition only lets you choose the color of your iPhone. Nasty!

Well, obviously, the competition here is Smart; #SmartiPhone4S to be exact - which I have, mind you.

Let's see how the 'Live More' company will respond to this obvious upfront to their postpaid services; Hopefully, the response will be proactive and for the benefit all subscribers. To tell you honestly, I'm tired of seeing these kinds of TVC's.

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