Smart Lahat Text Unli LAHATXT Promo Gives You Unlimited Text Messages, Mobile Internet Data, Same Network Calls! How to Register?

First off, this post wasn't paid for by Smart Communications.

Just thought of writing about it because I actually think the product is good and as such, I hope that the company would make it a staple offering for its prepaid subscribers or build upon it in creating similar yet more generous promos in the future.

What's nice about Smart Lahat Text Unli prepaid promo is that it covers the three key functionality of today's smartphone - Call, Text and most importantly, Mobile Internet Connectivity - and offers them in totally affordable and sulit packages. LAHATxt Unli 25, for example, gives you unlimited all-net texts, 10 minutes of SMART-to-SMART calls and 25MB of consumable internet for one whole day. I mean, if that's not sulit, I don't know what else to call it. And you'll get even bigger savings when you subscribe to other variants with longer validity period --

To register, just make sure you have enough load plus 1 peso maintaining balance, and text the promo code (LTU25, LTU50, LTU100, LTU150, or LTU299) to 2266.

It's summer and I'd bet a lot of you will spend your vacation out of town or on the road, away from your favorite free Wifi zones. If you want to be able to update your Facebook and Twitter accounts, open your Inbox, check TechPinas and other websites on the go, and text all your friends from all networks all you want without breaking the bank, then Smart Lahat Text Unli could very well be the promo for you.

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