Nokia Windows Phone 8 Lumia Smartphone Images Leak from China?!

Apple and Samsung aren't the only giant smartphone makers that are expected to announce something big within the next two months.

If you remember, last June, Microsoft Corporation officially unveiled Apollo or Windows Phone 8, the latest version of its mobile operating system, to developers and detailed some its key features, which include multi-core CPU and bigger, higher resolution display support, Internet Explorer 10, and a more customizable home screen with resizable tiles, among others. In his presentation, Joe Belfiore - Microsoft's VP for Windows Phone, even hinted that smartphones running WP8 are already set to arrive within this year.

Having forged an almost exclusive alliance with Microsoft, Finnish giant Nokia Corporation is perhaps the Windows Phone maker that's expected to deliver the best of what the refreshed platform has to offer. And considering the stiff competition come the latter part of this year, all Nokia fans - including me - are hoping that the next flagship Lumia would be good enough to give other handsets in its price category a run for the money.

Now, if these recently leaked images of the supposed first Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset were to be believed, then I think Nokia will have more than a fighting chance to be a top smartphone seller come Yuletide season.

nokia windows phone 8
First seen in the Chinese social networking website, Sina Weibo, the photos show what appears to be an unannounced Lumia phone bearing one of the distinguishing features of the WP8 user interface, the home screen with resizable tiles.

nokia windows phone 8
Also, the bright yellow smartphone seems to flaunt the same "glazed monoblock polycarbonate shell with curved glass" design of the award-winning Nokia Lumia 800 and 900. It even has a silicon case that's kind of similar to what you can get for Nokia Lumia 900.

nokia windows phone 8
But I think what's really cool about it is that it's even bigger than Nokia Lumia 900! I'm a fan of big smartphones and phablets and I think this Lumia - if it's for real - could very well satisfy my wants.

I wonder though if it will feature Nokia's PureView imaging technology. Hopefully, it does. I think that if its camera will somehow bear the genes of the shooter on Nokia 808 PureView, this phone will totally sell like hotcakes.

Than again, even without that, I'm sure it will do well. I mean, you have the gorgeous shell, a promising OS, a fast-growing marketplace for applications and a solid set of multimedia features; Really, what more can you ask for?

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