iPad Mini 7-inch Shell Leaks Out of Factory in China?!

If this supposed image of a gadget part taken from a factory that assembles Apple products in China were to be believed, then there's a big chance consumers could soon get the iPad Mini many Apple fans have been waiting for.

ipad mini 7-inch

First published on the Chinese microblogging and social networking site Sina Weibo, the image shows the shell of what appears to be a mini tablet. And while it's hard to tell the exact material used in its construction, the case clearly flaunts an Apple logo and the word iPad at the back. Now, if this is indeed a part of the rumored smaller and more affordable version of Apple's slate, it would be interesting to note that, contrary to earlier predictions and fan design concepts, it doesn't quite have the tapered sides of the new iPad and it lacks a rear-facing camera. So does it look legit? You tell me.

But is Apple even truly working on such a tablet? Well, nobody outside of the company knows for sure and those who do aren't really keen on sharing any information. All we know for sure is that last week, at the ensuing Apple vs. Samsung patent infringement trial in California, this alleged internal email from Eddie Cue - Apple's Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services - to other Apple execs telling them that they should do a 7-inch iPad was presented in court;

ipad mini 7-inch

Alright, TP Friends, let me ask you: "In case Apple is really planning to release an iPad Mini, how much do you think the most affordable variant should cost? What would be a reasonable price for it? Kindly leave your comment below.

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