iPad Mini Cases Get Released in China Ahead of Apple's Tablet Itself!

No one from the Cupertino-based company has even confirmed the existence of this so-called iPad Mini but makers of gadget accessories in China have already taken it upon themselves to create cases for the tablet.

ipad mini cases
And they've now made their products available - for bulk orders only, mind you - at online trading sites like Alibaba.

ipad mini cases

What I find particularly interesting about these cases is that they appear to reflect all the rumored characteristics of Apple's mini slate. So it's either their makers are big fans of tech blogs or they've actually seen a prototype from a Chinese factory assembling Apple devices. In the photo above, for example, the tablet mock-up used clearly flaunts the smaller dock connector that a number of "insiders" are claiming to be one of the distinguishing features of 'iPad Mini.'

This is one of the more recent artist renditions of Apple's supposed new tablet. Deemed "quite" accurate by a lot of Apple fans, the image by Nickolay Lamm of InventHelp shows a smaller version of the iPad with a 7.85-inch display and shrunk bezel.

Now, check out these iPad Mini cases.

ipad mini cases

Don't you think they'll fit Lamm's 'iPad Mini' design perfectly?

ipad mini cases
This photo clearly shows that the case is made for a small slate with thinner front bezel compared to what we'll find on the new iPad.

ipad mini cases
Hmm, I wonder what that hole in the upper middle part is for.

TP Friends, are you ready for the iPad Mini? Will you be getting one in case Apple actually releases it? Do you think a lot of people would be interested to own such a tablet? What makes a 7.85-inch slate enticing to consumers?

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