Smart LTE Plan 3500 To Become Officially Available on August 25, 2012!

Last June 3, 2011, via an exclusive media testing of the service in Boracay, I personally got the chance to experience Smart LTE mobile connection speeds. Do you still remember that, TP Friends?

smart lte plan
Back then, they had this kinda big, totally hardcore-looking dongle. Holding it, I remember telling the team, "I wish you'd have a sleeker one when it becomes publicly available."

To this day, I'm still blown away by the download speeds that I got. Can you imagine, 53.48Mbps?! It was so fast, I watched movie trailers on Youtube in full HD and the clips loaded as if I played them in 240p.

smart lte plan
That's true 4G! Capable of delivering download speeds of up to a whopping 100mbps, LTE or Long Term Evolution supersedes the current generation 3G technology that most of us are familiar with. Simply put, LTE is the fastest mobile broadband connection publicly available in the world today.

I asked Smart reps then when they intend to make the service available to everyone; "53mbps might be too much for a lot of people. But I'm sure there's a big market for it." They told me that they're working on it and that it should arrive soon.

Here, finally.

Starting August 25, 2012 - that's already this coming Saturday, consumers who are interested to get "blistering mobile connection speeds" from Smart can finally subscribe to the company's first true 4G postpaid plan, the Smart LTE Plan 3500. Pre-registration is now live via their corporate website.

smart lte plan
The bundle, backed by Smart's "expanded coverage around key cities in the Metro", comes with 10 GB of data per month and speeds of up to 42Mbps.

As for the free LTE dongle, which they say costs Php 8,000, well - it sure looks a lot sleeker now;

smart lte plan

Are you subscribing to this plan? Do you already like what you get in the bundle? Or do you wish Smart would give you more? Kindly share your thoughts below.

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