6Tag Free Instagram App for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone is Better Than The Official Application for iOS and Android

It's no secret to most Nokia Lumia owners that Instagram has time-and-again ignored and snubbed the community's #2InstaWithLove invitation for the software company to create an official application for the WP platform.

Thankfully, a very talented Windows Phone App developer cared enough (or, at least, cared more than Instagram) to give Nokia Fans the one application that they've long been waiting for.

One-man-team Rudy Huyn's recently released Instagram-client, 6Tag, is so good that a lot of users who've tried it and have posted their reviews at the Store are saying that the new app actually works better than the current official Instagram application for both iOS and Android.

6tag, instagram for nokia lumia, instagram for windows phone

Three things that I particularly like about it: First, the whole interface is just way more intuitive (just like WP as a whole). Second, there's a notifications counter at the top of the main feed so it's easier to check what your friends think about your photos. And finally, it loads video posts a lot faster.

6tag, instagram for nokia lumia, instagram for windows phone
You'd have to flip images by swiping on them before you can leave a comment or share them in your social networks.

While 6Tag isn't the first Instagram client for WP8 (we've had Instance, if you remember), it's the first one to bring all the standard filters of the official application to the platform -- including my favorites, Rise, Amaro, Mayfair, Early Bird, Toaster, Hefe, and Sierra. And on top of that, unlike Instance, 6Tag is integrated with the WP Photo Album allowing you to share images faster.

6tag, instagram for nokia lumia, instagram for windows phone
I'm glad I can finally share photos taken using my Nokia Lumia 920 with my friends on Instagram. This phone (especially its camera) is amazing and I love it even more now because of this app.

6Tag, which supports video uploads, is now available for free download at the Windows Phone Store. Don't forget to leave a positive review for the app if you like it, TP Friends. Two thumbs up for Rudy Huyn for his stellar work on this really cool application.