Apple iPhone 5C Price Will Be Around Php 21,500 to Php 24,000, Release Date Will Be in September 2013, Based on Insider Info

Ever since rumors about the existence of such device started surfacing online, I've made no secret of my reservations about the highly probable and perhaps already imminent release of a budget version of Apple's premium smartphone.

Needless to say, one of the main selling points of the iPhone is that it's an aspirational device. When you say 'iPhone', you immediately think of that adjective along with expensive and high-end. That said, I think that a cheap iPhone wouldn't only be ironic but it could also pull down the branding and image of iPhone as a whole. Likewise, a budget version of the handset would most likely cannibalize on the sales of the premium variant just like how iPad Mini negatively affected the sales of the iPad with Retina Display.

apple iphone 5c

Despite my reservations, however, I continued to keep myself updated about rumors and insider information about this upcoming product. I guess I'm just that big a fan of Apple -- that even their products that I'm on the fence about still interest me. Besides, despite the seeming mismatch between the words 'iPhone' and 'budget', I know that such product can introduce and endear iOS to a lot of users previously alienated or turned off by the hefty price tag of Apple's mobile devices so it could be a good thing.

Well, anyway. Recently, we got three new 'leaks' about the company's upcoming budget handset. First is about its design and construction. Second is regarding its imaging capabilities. And third, we finally got word - albeit unofficial - about its price and release date.

According to 'insiders', Apple's new midrange smartphone called iPhone 5C will flaunt an opaque polycarbonate unibody shell. As opposed to earlier reports stating that the device will come with a translucent case similar to the iMac G3 or an aluminum body just like the iPod Touch 5th Generation, they're now saying that the phone will feature a rather thick and tough plastic shell reminiscent of that of iPhone 3GS or even Nokia Lumia 720 as shown in the image above. It is also said that the case will come in various vibrant hues, which could support the unfounded claim that the C in the name iPhone 5C actually stands for Color.

A few days ago, this photo of a camera module said to be part of the iPhone 5C surfaced online.

iphone 5c

Hardcore, geeky Apple fans were quick to note that this is largely the same as the module found on the iPhone 4S suggesting that iPhone 5C will have the same 8 MegaPixel camera as the former. Interestingly, iPhone 5 also has an 8 MP cam, which means that if its flagship follow-up - the Apple iPhone 5S - were to be deemed superior to 5C, it has to have a far more powerful camera.

iphone 5c
This photo - said to have been uploaded first in China - shows the supposed plastic packaging for the iPhone 5C

Finally, 'analysts' have given word on the projected retail price and release date of iPhone 5C. They say that the budget smartphone will most likely be announced by Apple by mid-September and should hit store shelves in key markets before September ends. As for the price tag, according to them, the handset will cost around $450 USD to $550 or roughly Php 21,500 to Php 24,000, which isn't really as cheap as most Apple fans would want it to be.

So there you go, TP Friends! That's everything that we know thus far about this upcoming product from Apple. To wrap this up, let me ask you, "At that price (that is, Php 21,500 to Php 24,000), would you be willing to purchase iPhone 5C for yourself or a loved one? Why or why not?"