Globe Samsung Galaxy Note2 Free with Postpaid Plan 999 Until August 26, 2013 Only

Yesterday, while I was walking around Greenbelt 3, an attractive lady wearing a tight blue dress casually approached me and said 'Hi!'

I thought she wanted to have a chat and get to know me but as it turned out, she simply wanted to hand me this flyer.

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The whole thing might not have panned out the way I thought it would but, at least, I'm now aware of Globe's exciting-albeit-short-lived promo. Now, isn't that sweet?

Apparently, Globe Telecom will be offering Samsung Galaxy Note2 phablet and Samsung Galaxy S3 for free with Globe Plan 999 - replete with Unlimited Mobile Internet per month plus 1 Globe Freebie - starting August 21 until August 26, 2013 - that's Monday next week - only! They'll also give consumers a chance to get the current flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4 for free with just Plan 1799 instead of Plan 2499.

samsung galaxy note2 free, globe samsung galaxy note2, globe plan 999
Huawei Ascend G510 will be free with Plan 349 while Samsung Galaxy S Duos is bundled for free with Plan 499.

So why the sudden decision to offer such high-end phablet at a bargain? I guess it's because Samsung Galaxy Note3 is set to be announced in a couple of weeks and Globe doesn't want to be bothered with too many Samsung Galaxy Note2 devices in their inventory.

Samsung Galaxy Note2 may be just days away from being formally superseded but I think it's still great handset to own. And to get it for free with Plan 999 while enjoying unlimited internet is already a steal if you ask me. For more information about this promo or to subscribe to a postpaid plan, feel free to visit a Globe Store near you.