Amazon Android Smartphone Specs and Design, Unveiled! Should Online Sellers Bring It Here Once It Becomes Available?

Back in 2009, top American e-commerce company Amazon entered the Android devices market and had a surprise monster best-seller in the form of the Kindle tablet. In 2011, the slate was followed by the thinner and more powerful Kindle Fire, which also did very well in terms of sales.

This year, it appears that Amazon will again join the hardware game -- but this time, it won't be in the form of a tablet but via an Android smartphone.

Amazon Android Smartphone, Amazon

A few hours ago, BGR posted an exclusive render of what looks like the final design of the Amazon smartphone that's believed to be slated for release sometime in Q3 2014.

Just from looking at the photo, it appears that the device will flaunt a form factor reminiscent of that of the iPod Touch 5th Generation with slightly rounded corners and soft edges at the back. Interestingly, it will also have what looks like a glass or at least a glossy plastic back plate, which is similar to what we've seen on the Google Nexus 4 or the Sony Xperia Z flagship releases.

Amazon Android Smartphone, Amazon

As for the innards, it is believed that the device - replete with 4.7 inch HD display with 3D panel - will run its Android-based operating system sans Google services with its Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC and handle multitasking with 2 GB of RAM.

So what will make Amazon's smartphone unique compared to Android releases by other companies? Well, like Amazon's previous devices, it will allow users to easily access and purchase content from the e-commerce site. In fact, the handset will come bundled with Prime Data, which is said to be offered through AT&T in the US as an exclusive service offering users a pre-determined amount of Prime video and music files at no extra charge. Apart from that, insiders say that the Amazon phone will have six individual camera modules and multiple sensors for gesture controls, which I'm now so curious to see.

Looking at the handset's supposed design and considering all of its rumored features, do you think our online sellers should bring it here once it becomes available (given that Amazon has no formal operations in the Philippines)? Join our poll and let me know your thoughts, TP Friends.

As yet, we haven't heard any official word from Amazon on the pricing details and availability of this smartphone. However, tech bloggers and the media are expecting the company to announce the device within the next few days -- so stay tuned!