Sun Broadband Unlimited Surf for 3 Days Is Just Php 100 : Over 100 Provincial Locations Across the Philippines, Now Covered!

A consistent, fast, and reliable internet connection is very important to any blogger regardless of his or her niche. Needless to say, apart from one's blogging skills and gadgets, a good broadband connection is the lifeblood of this profession.

As a tech blogger, I make sure that I'm always connected - whether at home, in the TP Hideout, on meetings, in events, or wherever blogging takes me - by having multiple mobile broadband accounts. (I guess I'm sigurista that way.) And as some of you know, I've been a Sun Broadband subscriber for almost two years now.

As a paying consumer of the company's services, allow me to share with you three things I that appreciate and love about Sun Broadband.

Sun Broadband Unlimited

First, it's the quality of connection. While it's not perfect - I mean, frankly, there are still times within the day when my connection slows down a bit, especially during peak hours - I can honestly say that I hardly experienced being totally disconnected because of horribly slow data. Sun Broadband promises a Consistent, Fast, and Reliable connection and as a subscriber, I think the brand delivers on that around 80% of the time, which is not bad at all.

Second, Sun Broadband is - 'one of the' if not - the most affordable mobile connection provider in the Philippines currently. Compared to some brands that charge Php 50 for one day unlimited 3G broadband connection, Sun Broadband gives you the same for just Php 33.3 per day via its Php 100 Unlimited Surf for 3 Days prepaid card. And if you don't want to load twice per week, just get the Php 220 prepaid card, which is good for 7 days!

Sun Broadband Unlimited

Finally, what I love about Sun Broadband is that it doesn't stop growing. Even after Sun Cellular's landmark merger with Smart Communications, contrary to what some naysayers had expected, Sun Broadband kept expanding and reaching for greater heights. This fact is well reflected in the brand's new corporate website and the recent expansion of its services to 48 new provincials locations mostly in Visayas and Mindanao -- bringing the total to more than 100 spots in provinces across the archipelago.

Sun Broadband Unlimited

Sun Broadband even launched a new television commercial last week to celebrate this milestone! Check it out, TP Friends:

To wrap this up, I'll give you one cool tip to help you make the most out of your Sun Broadband connection: Get the Sun Broadband WiFi Stick for just Php 1,888! The kit comes with a free USB adaptor for the lighter socket, which you can use to turn your car into a roving WiFi Hotspot. There's also a travel charger included in the package that lets you plug your WiFi Stick to an electrical outlet, turning it into a miniature WiFi router at home or in the office. And if you wish so, you can even plug the Sun Broadband WiFi Stick to a powerbank and carry it - along with the benefits of a consistent, fast, and reliable mobile connection - in your bag anywhere you go! Talk about an improvised pocket WiFi that brings all of your gadgets to life.