Smart Bro and Rico Blanco Treat Three Aspiring Bands To A Virtual Jam

I admire Rico Blanco not just because he is a fellow Atenean and that he has a great voice and an incredible OPM career but also because I know that he is kind and gracious enough to be supportive of all musicians who follow in his footsteps. The mark of true greatness, I believe, is when you can inspire and help others to become great as well.

I remember, back in 2011, Rico became instrumental in the mainstream crossover success of Ateneo High School band Never The Strangers. He gave them industry tips and even directed their debut music video for the song "Alive", which became a monster hit and the group's current signature song. Listening to Never The Strangers, it's impossible not to hear shards of Rico Blanco's highly iconic singing style and technique. So I guess if and when he finally focuses on crafts apart from singing, Rico's voice and music will live on in the sound of all the bands he inspired.

Last week, TP Friends, Rico Blanco went at it again and surprised three up and rising bands that idolize him while they were rehearsing in a studio in Quezon City.

Smart Bro Rico Blanco

Together with Smart Bro, Rico - who was in another location - treated Wanderlust, Hulaan Mo, and Proskuneo to a unique and first-of-its-kind virtual jamming session! Watch what happened:

With the help of today's real-time video conferencing technology and the Power of Tomorrow's internet as provided by Smart Bro, the impossible is now possible –- just like being able to jam with your idol online!

Someday, when I become more seasoned and successful in my own craft as a tech blogger, I will look back at that "Rico Blanco Surprise" video and I promise to also help and support the younger ones who want to have the same career and profession. Thumbs up, Rico!