O+ Air Octa Core Android Smartphone with Android 4.4 KitKat OS and New Lumi Display, Arriving Soon! Everything We Know So Far!

Our local smartphone players aren't the only ones that are keen on bringing true octa core Android handsets to the Philippines. Even American electronics company O+ will be launching one in the country real soon!

O+ Air, O+ Octa Core Android Smartphone
O+ has started giving out hints on its Facebook fan page about the imminent release of its first octa core device.

In my meeting with our friends from the US-based company a few days ago, they let me in on a few exclusive and exciting details about this much-awaited smartphone. They told me to keep everything under wraps until the device is already near "completion and release" but earlier today, they finally gave me the go signal to share what I know with you.

O+ Air, O+ Octa Core Android Smartphone

According to them, the first true octa core smartphone from O+ will be called Air alluding to its ultra-thin and ultra-light design and construction. "Mark, the O+ Air will be the thinnest handset we've ever come up with thus far," they said. "It will be lightweight in form but it will have powerhouse internal specifications, which Pinoy gadget fans will surely love. And yes, it's shell is made of real metal making it look and feel both elegant and durable just like all of our flagship releases."

Aside from its design identity and build, there are two more things that are particularly cool and amazing about O+ Air. "Our first octa core phone will run Android 4.4 KitKat right out of the box. No need to upgrade; Users will be able to immediately enjoy all the benefits of the latest version of Android operating system on this release," our friends from O+ shared.

"Also, this handset will be equipped with a 5-inch HD Lumi Display, which is a new and innovative display technology that we developed that not only looks bright and brilliant regardless of the viewing angle but is also highly energy efficient. It's because of this fresh screen technology that we were able to give the O+ Air a thinner battery and yet also increase it's total uptime."

TP Friends, I've yet to see O+ Air in the flesh but thinking about how gorgeous their current flagship - O+ Imagine - is, I'm sure its successor will also be quite a head-turner. Lots of things to look forward to on this release but off hand, I'm particularly interested to see how the O+ Lumi Display actually looks. Will it be better than SuperAMOLED or TRILUMINOS? Let's see. 

Since the best selling O+ 8.15, the American company has always given TechPinas first and exclusive dibs on its flagship releases, hopefully they'd also do that with O+ Air -- because I'm totally excited to let you in on every detail about this landmark smartphone. Stay tuned for updates, TP Friends!

No word yet on the exact release date and official suggested retail price -- expect it to be a bit on the premium side, though. "Durability and overall product quality is the promise of O+. All of our devices undergo scientific torture tests to make sure that they will last," they told me. And as an owner of O+ 8.12, O+ 8.15, O+ 8.16, O+ Imagine, O+ Fab Go, and O+ Fab Elite, I totally agree. I mean, if only because of the fact that O+ releases give you complete peace of mind in knowing that they are well-made and that after-sales service is always just a call away should you need it, I think these handsets are well worth every penny that you shell out for them.