Live The Smart Life and Enjoy Entertainment Everywhere With iflix For Just Php 99 per Month

"Which TV series are you watching now?"

That's one of the questions that would usually pop up in my casual conversations with my clients after meetings or with my friends over dinner, after not seeing each other for a while.

I used to love answering that as I practically grew up watching TV. But the past couple of years, my schedule as a tech blogger and digital marketing consultant has become so tight that I struggle just to find time to relax in the living room and check out a popular series.

So I'd simply tell them, "Nothing new. Just the same stuff."

I know. So boring, right?

iflix, PLDT Smart iflix

Thankfully, I recently discovered 'iflix' this new mobile app that lets me watch movies and TV shows on my smartphones, tablets, and even my laptops using my Smart LTE mobile connection. With it, I can watch flicks or episodes of a series while I'm on the road in between events and corporate meetings. It literally lets me enjoy entertainment everywhere!

iflix, PLDT Smart iflix

I've just finished Season 3 of Scandal and I'm now officially in love with Olivia Pope, a (former) White House correspondent and crisis management expert being played by Kerry Washington. I guess I'm naturally drawn to strong-willed and smart women -- just like my mom. I also like that the story is fast-paced and gripping so it doesn't get boring; I hope I can finish the entire 4th season by Monday. I've also started watching the latest season of Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on iflix, which brings back childhood memories like when I used to idolize Marvel superheroes who were printed on all the comics and cards that I collected.

So the next time somebody asks me that question, I'll definitely have something new to share. And that's only one of the many things you can do if you live a Smart Life that's powered by the many industry-leading products and services of Smart Communications and PLDT -- just like iflix.

"Whether you’re spending the weekend at home with your family, commuting to work on a Monday morning, or leaving for an out-of-town trip with friends during the summer, you can now enjoy entertainment everywhere with iflix in partnership with PLDT HOME and Smart," said Mr. Ariel P. Fermin, PLDT EVP and Group Head of Consumer Business.

iflix, PLDT Smart iflix
Hundreds of movies and TV shows are available for viewing at iflix. Download the app on your Android smartphone or iPhone to check them all out. Use your Smart number and Facebook or Email account to sign-up for an account.

"With the convergence of the services from the number one home broadband provider and the largest mobile network in the country, our customers may conveniently access our most compelling entertainment content whether at home or outside of home. We are definitely looking forward to letting our subscribers in on a bigger and better entertainment experience everywhere with the help of iflix," Sir Ariel added.

On the other hand, iflix Chairman Mr. Patrick Grove said, "We are extremely proud to have come together with the largest telecommunications company in the Philippines and, indeed, one of the region’s leading companies, to offer iflix to PLDT’s enormous customer base. With well over 75 million Filipinos communicating and being entertained using PLDT Group services, they are the absolute perfect partner for iflix in the Philippines."

"In PLDT we have found a like-minded partner who is committed to changing the way entertainment content is consumed in the region. We look forward to building an extraordinary business in the Philippines together."

PLDT HOME users can enjoy a buffet of iflix content at home. Existing users of PLDT HOME DSL, and PLDT HOME Ultera can enjoy iflix as an add-on option on top of their monthly fees, for only Php 99 per month. Fibr Plan customers can enjoy iflix for free as part of their subscription. Further, HOME customers who will upgrade to a TVolution or Telpad plan will have unlimited access to iflix at no additional fee.

Smart subscribers, meanwhile, will be able to enjoy endless entertainment on the go also for Php 99 a month, charged to their prepaid loads or on top of their postpaid accounts.

To get started with iflix, simply register an account via and receive a 14-day trial of the service. Once the trial expires, PLDT HOME and Smart users will be able to subscribe iflix for only Php 99 per month.

To enjoy iflix on your Android and iOS devices powered by PLDT HOME and Smart, simply download the iflix app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You may also view content from the website itself using your laptop or Windows tablet.