Sun Plan 450 vs Globe Plan 499 : Sun Cellular To Go Head to Head with Globe Telecom in Postpaid Fight

Sun Cellular has always been a fierce competitor in the postpaid race -- but joining PLDT Group has only made the company a lot more terrifying and hard-hitting.

Sun changed the telecommunications landscape in 2004 when it offered value-driven and practical offers. It was able to take over a huge amount of market share and give its competition - mainly Globe Telecom - a run for the money in different aspects. This year, Sun Cellular aims to reinforce its lead via promos and packages that will make subscribers realize that they have to choose better when it comes to their postpaid needs.

Sun Cellular vs Globe Telecom, Sun Cellular 2015, Sun Cellular Choose Better

From here on out, consumers can expect Sun Cellular to come up with postpaid, prepaid, and broadband packages that will match and try to beat Globe Telecom's offerings. "[Sun will aggressively go head to head with Globe when it comes to promos and offerings. We are positioning Sun to compete with Globe head on]," one of our friends from the PLDT Group told me.

The first of the many postpaid promos that Sun Cellular will unleash following the launch of its new #ChooseBetter campaign is Sun Plan 450, which the company positions as a better package compared to Globe Plan 499 as reflected in this comparison table published on Sun Cellular's official consumer website.

Sun Cellular vs Globe Telecom, Sun Plan 450 vs Globe Plan 499
At least in terms of package inclusions, Sun Best Value Plan 450 - with free Android smartphone, 250 texts to other networks, and free Freebook, among others - is clearly better compared to the competing network's Plan 499.

Sun's #ChooseBetter campaign aims to 'encourage mobile users to rethink their options, cut through all the fluff and settle for the choice that offers the better value.'

Off hand, it remains to be seen how Globe Telecom will counter this new strategy of the PLDT Group -- but we'll definitely be watching. Right now, what's clear is that - according to Sun Cellular - Sun emerged as the Philippines' fastest growing postpaid brand in 2014 after posting a remarkable 16 percent year-on-year growth in terms of subscriber base, compared to the 12 percent growth posted by Globe over the same period.

"Sun’s stellar performance in the postpaid segment has been hugely driven by feature-packed plans that give subscribers unbeatable value for their money. We are very confident that Sun will sustain this momentum of double-digit growth and outpace its direct competitor as we roll out highly competitive products that appeal to the wise spender in every Filipino. Sun’s strategy has always been simple: empower Filipinos with a much better choice for their mobile services," shared Sun Cellular Vice President, Mr. Joel Lumanlan.