Affordable O+ 360 Android Phone with New Selfie Fix Innovation, Arriving Soon!

Last week, our friends from O+ USA posted a series of teaser posters on their official Facebook page for their upcoming Android smartphone that's crafted specifically for mobile consumers who love to take selfies.

O+ Selfie Phone
This one alludes to the Queen in Snow White who longs to always be the fairest of them all.

O+ Selfie Phone
No blemish is too big for O+ USA's newest selfie innovation.

O+ Selfie Phone
It's good enough to smoothen Voldemort's uneven skin-tone.

If you're a big O+ fan and you enjoy sharing selfies on Facebook and Instagram, I'm sure these images got you all excited to learn more about this new handset.

Well, here's a little treat for you.

Earlier, I got to talk to our buds from the company and they told me that this smartphone is part of their 360 Series, which means that it will have a trackpad on its back cover for navigating the handsets interface and for snapping photos, but what makes it a true selfie-centric phone is that it has a 5 MegaPixel front cam with soft LED flash and it features O+'s new Selfie Fix app!

O+ Selfie Phone
Get an Instant Beauty Fix using the New O+ Selfie Fix Innovation!

But here's the best part: They said that this Quad Core handset with 8GB of ROM will have an official suggested retail price that's less than Php 5,000 -- making it ideal for students, yuppies, and young consumers in general who may be on a tight budget but are dreaming of owning a great smartphone for taking and sharing selfies. "We made sure that this affordable handset is capable of giving users the best-looking selfies -- regardless of the lighting condition. The front facing flash will allow them to take shots even when there's little to no ambient light available," shared our friends from O+ USA. Stay tuned for more information about this new smartphone, TP Friends!