Record TV Shows and Watch Them Anytime with Cignal Playback PVR!

The dream of many Cignal subscribers has finally come true! The country's leading Pay-TV provider launched their latest set-top box, the Cignal Playback; a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that lets viewers control when and how they watch their favorite shows. Now, TV fanatics don’t have to rush home from work to reach their favorite shows or feel irritated when they receive an important call in the middle of a great episode. To put it simply, Cignal Playback gives you the freedom to choose when and how you want to watch your fave TV programs!

Cignal Playback

Cignal Playback offers amazing trick modes such as Pause, Slow Motion, Fast Forward and Rewind. These features will surely create an experience like no other. If you want to enjoy your favorite TV show with a tub of popcorn, simply press pause, go to the kitchen, cook the popcorn and go back to resume where you left off. If you wish to go back to a specific scene, just press the rewind button to refresh your memory.

Consequently, you may also fast track to where you last ended. It also has a slow motion feature to make sure you never miss a detail. Though among all of these features, the highlight of this new Cignal offering is its recording capability. If you’re going to miss a show, just set the date and time of the program and the Cignal Playback box will automatically record the show for you. You may also watch and record simultaneously when the situation calls for it. This PVR box is your tool to make sure you’re always updated and never behind schedule.

Cignal Playback will definitely level-up the impact of your television experience. Now you can finally make your favorite TV shows adjust to your schedule and not the other way around.

The Cignal Playback is now available to new and existing Cignal Postpaid Lease Subscribers. For current Cignal subscribers, you may avail of Cignal Playback for Php 3,000 initial lease cashout with just Php 230 monthly outlet fee. New subscribers, on the other hand, may avail of the PVR for Php 4,000.00 lease cashout with the same monthly outlet fee.

Your television viewing experience will never be the same again. All thanks to Cignal!