Sun Free FB Promo : Five Ways To Get It

Why limit yourself to three options when there are actually better and more practical ways to enjoy free Facebook? All you have to do is #ChooseBetter with Sun.

Available to subscribers nationwide, Sun's free Facebook offers have been expanded to five, giving Sun users the freedom to choose the free Facebook service most suitable for their needs.

"Our expanded line-up of free Facebook offers shows our commitment to give better choices to our customers," said Mr. Joel Lumanlan, Vice President for Sun Postpaid marketing. “Now, you have full control of when and how you want to enjoy Facebook on your Android phone or tablet. There is no more reason to fear unwanted data charges. You can stay connected whenever, wherever, in whatever option you choose," he explained.

Sun Free FB

For practical Filipinos, here are the easy and practical ways to experience free Facebook with Sun:

1. Connect to free Facebook all day, the practical way.

Sun prepaid and postpaid subscribers can now take full control of their Facebook experience just by using a simple switch that appears on the upper right corner of the Facebook app or mobile site screen every time subscribers log in to the site.

By simply turning on the free data switch, you will be able to safely post status updates, comment on friends’ posts, discuss ideas in groups and even send chat messages with friends--all without incurring data charges. Moreover, you will be notified promptly whenever you access features or websites that are not part of the offer.

2. Get it free with Sun Postpaid Plans.

Access to Facebook also comes free with select Sun Postpaid Plans. No ifs, no buts, no add-ons needed. And what better way to enjoy free Facebook than with a new Android phone that comes with your new Sun Plan? Enjoy better connectivity too because Sun’s free Facebook offer comes bundled with Sun’s best-value unlimited calls and texts.

3. Enjoy free Facebook with Sun Prepaid loads.

Prepaid Subscribers can also achieve the full Facebook experience whenever they load any of Sun Prepaid‘s best-selling offers. Facebook is bundled for free with call and text promo loads such as Text Unlimited (TU200), Call and Text Combo (CTC50), Call and Text Unlimited (CTU30).With Sun Prepaid, you can enjoy access to free Facebook without any maintaining load balance, as long as you are enrolled in any of the valid promo loads.

4. Get non-Stop Facebook access with Sun Broadband

You can also enjoy free Facebook with any Sun Broadband Non-Stop Surf offer. Share the free Facebook fun with anyone too, when they connect to your Sun Pocket Wifi device.

5. Still free with

Join over 4.5M Filipinos who are now connected to! Using your Sun Postpaid, Prepaid or Broadband account, you can enjoy free access to basic Facebook and partner sites whenever you visit on your device.

Only Sun allows millions of subscribers free access to Facebook in more ways than three. Be part of the growing number of Filipinos who have made the better choice. #ChooseBetter and choose Sun today.