What Does It Mean to Live The 'Smart Life' That's Powered by Smart Communications?

Technology has already made our lives better. Internet access and the use of mobile devices like our smartphones and tablets have allowed us to accomplish more, to connect with our loved ones more, and - on a grander scale - to live more.

Now, Smart Communications wants to take that a level higher by inviting us to live the Smart Life.

A Smart Life is essentially one that is made better through digital innovations that allow us to enjoy our passions more. Smart gives us this kind of life by being the first to deliver game-changing products and services that make meaningful impact to the lives of Filipinos everywhere.

Personally, I know that I’m living a Smart Life when I am able to use technology and Smart’s top-notch digital innovations to enjoy content that I love everywhere I go, to have peace of mind in knowing that my family and friends are doing well, and to do my tasks more efficiently at all times, regardless of the weather.

We are about to enter September and the rainy season is in full swing. The streets are wet and the skies, often grey. Others may feel a bit gloomy because of the weather – but not me. In fact, I see this season as a perfect time to live and enjoy my Smart Life using All Access.

All Access is a new promo for Smart Postpaid subscribers that gives us 3GB of mobile data to access dozens of applications and online games, 500 text messages to all networks, 50 minutes of calls to Smart numbers, and exclusive 30-day access to concierge for hotel bookings, dining reservations, and travel assistance among others – all for just Php 499!

Smart Life, iflix
Watching my favorite TV series on iflix using my Smart data connection

At home, I use All Access to chat with my friends who are now based in other countries using Messenger or Viber just to make me feel better when it’s too cold. I also use it when playing my favorite online game right now Marvel Contest of Champions on my smartphone and while I’m relaxing in bed while watching documentaries and TV series on Youtube and iflix, which is perfect in this weather. Sometimes, I just listen to my chill playlist on Deezer for good vibes.

On the road, I find Google Maps totally helpful in choosing faster routes and avoiding roads with heavy traffic when it’s raining so I can get to my meetings and arrive home without hassles. I heard that All Access will soon support Waze and I’ll definitely use that as well when it becomes available.

And when I’m in events and gadget launches as a tech blogger, social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, and (just recently) Snapchat - that are all part of the All Access Bundle - let me share important updates with my readers and followers in real time. My goal as a tech blogger is to inform and empower Filipinos by giving them the freshest gadget news and information the best way I can. And I’m grateful that I can rely on Smart to help me in accomplishing that.

Smart Big Bytes 50

Complementing Smart Postpaid's new data offers, Smart Prepaid likewise upgraded its Big Bytes promo with an increase in allocated data volume, as well as a change in the different highlighted value-added services. For instance, with the new Big Bytes 50, you can now surf with a total data allocation of 350MB (from just 300MB) and stream up to 600MB of content on iFlix, Fox, and Spinnr (from only 500MB via Youtube and Skype Qik). For just Php 50, you can already enjoy this generous promo for - get this - three days! To register, simply dial *121# on your smartphone.

If - like me - you're fond of uploading photos on your social networking accounts and watching movies and TV series as well as listening to the hottest music tracks on the go - in between meetings or on the road - away from a WiFi connection, then you'll definitely appreciate the new Big Bytes 50 package. I think it perfectly fits the lifestyle of most Pinoys students and yuppies in this day and age.

Both Smart All Access and Big Bytes 50 let subscribers make the most of their data allocation for both work and play, rain or shine! These are only two of the many promos and innovations from Smart that are specifically crafted to make it easier for us to attend to our online needs in this digital age as we live a Smart Life that celebrates our passions and aspirations.

*Based on my Editor's Note for Smart Move Magazine August 2015 issue