Starmobile Fulfills Android Lollipop Upgrade Promise for their Up HD Best-Selling Smartphone

It's always great and inspiring whenever companies actually fulfill their promises to consumers. So I want to give my two thumbs up to Happy Man Philippines - the company behind Starmobile smartphones and tablets - for staying true to their word by finally launching their Android Lollipop upgrade for the KitKat-powered Starmobile Up HD.

Starmobile Up HD
Here's to hoping that Starmobile would also upgrade their other 2015 smartphone models soon and that other companies would follow suit.

"We want to deliver the latest and the best Android experience to our users so that they may be able to enjoy their devices to the fullest," shared Starmobile Product Development Head, Mr. Michael Chen.

Starmobile Up HD

For those who own a Starmobile Up HD, it's very easy to get Android Lollipop running on your handset. You can do it Over-The-Air or without having to connect your smartphone to a computer! Just make sure you're connected to a fast WiFi network, go to your phone's Settings, scroll down and click on About Phone, then go to System Update. The upgrade is now available so you should get a notification; Let your handset download all the files and it's once done, just click on a button to begin installation.

Android Lollipop update brings a slew of enhancements to the platform, aimed at improving over-all user experience. Some of the changes that you will notice instantly following the upgrade include the cleaner and more intuitive 'Material Design' interface, redesigned drop-down Notifications and Quick Toggles tab, and new Multi-tasking panel featuring 'cards' in lieu of plain thumbnails.

Starmobile Up HD

Midrange powerhouse Starmobile Up HD is one of the two best-selling smartphones by Starmobile from May to June 2015. "There has been unprecedented demand for both the KNIGHT Luxe and the UP HD – we clearly hit sweet spots with these two products. [...] What this means is that Filipinos who are looking for better, more value-laden options are turning to Starmobile. They have higher demands and expectations and we have become their brand of choice," Mr. Chen explained.