Starmobile Up HD and Knight Luxe, Best Selling Android Smartphones of Happy Man from May to June 2015

If you own either the recently launched Starmobile Knight Luxe or the popular Starmobile Up HD, then I bet you'll be glad to know that your handset is one of the top selling Android smartphones by Happy Man Philippines from mid-May to mid-June 2015.

Starmobile Up HD

Starmobile Up HD
You can get the Starmobile Up HD Complete Retail Package for only Php 4,990

Starmobile Luxe

Starmobile Luxe
Metal-clad Starmobile Knight Luxe is now available at all Starmobile Concept Stores, Kiosks, and Authorized Retail Outlets for only Php 7,690

"There has been unprecedented demand for both the KNIGHT Luxe and the UP HD – we clearly hit sweet spots with these two products," shared Mr. Michael Chen, Starmobile's Product Development Head.

A few days ago, I tried to ask our friends from Starmobile if they can disclose the exact sales figures of both of these cool smartphones but they said that they intend to keep that information confidential. Nonetheless, they said that sales of those two models comprise more than a third of Starmobile’s overall Android smartphone sales from the above-mentioned period.

The stellar market performance of Starmobile Up HD and Knight Luxe is especially laudable given the fact that most handsets by Pinoy brands that perform well are those that are priced below Php 3,000 -- and this is based on published findings by respected market research company GfK.

"What this means is that Filipinos who are looking for better, more value-laden options are turning to Starmobile. They have higher demands and expectations and we have become their brand of choice," Mr. Chen explained.

Are you a Starmobile Up HD or Knight Luxe owner? What can you say about the performance of your smartphone? Are you satisfied with the purchase? Share your thoughts via our comments section below.

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